Timber or Metal Fence: Which Material is Better for Your Home?

Timber or Metal Fence: Which Material is Better for Your Home?

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There are lots of fencing styles to choose from, but there are two main materials used for building — it’s either metal or wood. When choosing the right fencing style for your home, it’s important to know the factors that will define the lifespan of your fence.

Once you know the pros and cons, you can confidently choose the right fence for your project, knowing you’ve made the right choice.

Different weather conditions can take their toll on a fence. A wood fence becomes warped when enduring the winter moisture and intense summer heat and might be knocked by the strong wind. Termites are also another problem, eventually breaking down planks to twig-like weakness.

On the other hand, steel and aluminium fencing requires no weather-related repair. The aluminium fence is rust-proof and uses pre-galvanised steel. Once it’s structure up, it doesn't need weather-related repair.

Timber fences are easier to maintain and repair than metal fences. All you have to do is choose the right timber and keep it painted, stained or oiled according to the paint and manufacturers’ specifications.

Meanwhile, a metal fence will require no such repairs or maintenance because it’s naturally durable. If you have a metal fence and it’s damaged, you need to replace a large portion of the fence.

Timber fencing is cheaper than metal fencing, especially if you can build your own fence. Timber is a cheap raw material and can be very easily cut, carved and hammered together.

Metal fencing is more expensive than timber. But once you made that initial investment, there will be little to no cost because metal fencing is built to last longer. So over the long run, metal fencing tends to be more cost effective.

Timber fences provide total privacy. Metal fences usually use post and rails, but it has no palings. The closest they get to solid is a chain link fence. Meanwhile, timber palings can turn the fence into a wall that provides visual privacy and makes your yard sound-proof.

Timber fencing really overshines metal fencing when it comes to aesthetic. There’s nothing about metal fencing that can come close to the natural and pleasing aesthetic of a timber fence, especially the one with a natural finish that allows the grain to show through.

Whichever fencing material you have chosen for your home, let the professionals do the installation. Consult the fencing experts in Australia today.


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