Thinking of Getting Breast Implants? Here Are a Few Things You Need to Know First

Thinking of Getting Breast Implants? Here Are a Few Things You Need to Know First

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Some women feel that getting bigger breasts is the key to success in various facets of their lives, including their personal and professional lives. However, breast augmentation is not for everyone. You cannot just walk into a clinic and say, "I want bigger boobs."

Getting breast implants is a major life decision that women should not take lightly. And because of these, cosmetic surgeons carefully evaluate women seeking to undergo this procedure in order to determine whether she is a good candidate or not.

If you are planning to get an implant, you should be at least 18 years old. If you are well below this age, your breasts are more likely to grow.

The procedure is ideal for women who have small breasts, asymmetrical breasts and sagging breasts. The procedure can also help women who have undergone changes in their breasts after weight loss or after undergoing mastectomy.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have an infection, or had undergone radiation therapy, you may not be considered a good candidate. Also, women seeking to undergo this procedure should fully understand the entire process, as well as what they should expect.

Breast augmentation can help you achieve your desired look for your bosom. However, you have to be aware that it has its limitations. For one, the procedure cannot lift your breasts. You may need to undergo a breast lift first before getting implants. In some patients with minimal breast tissue, the implants may be pronounced, especially if you are thin. The procedure cannot give you perfectly symmetrical breasts and you need to understand that you will be carrying additional weight on your chest.

Candidates for breast implant augmentation will start off the procedure with a consultation with their cosmetic surgeon. During this consultation, the surgeon will need to know what your goals are. From there, he will give you detailed information about the procedure and about what you need to do before and after. If you have any questions, this is the perfect opportunity to ask these.

If you are not deemed to be a good candidate for breast implant augmentation, your cosmetic surgeon may recommend a few alternatives. These include fat transfer breast augmentation, breast lift surgery and flap reconstruction, or even non-invasive tricks like wearing a padded bra. Your surgeon may also refer you to a psychologist or counselor to help you deal with any issues about your appearance and to accept yourself better.


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