Things To Consider When Installing Gutters

Things To Consider When Installing Gutters

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If you will conduct a quick survey of nearby homes in your neighbourhood, you will notice that some houses have gutters while others do not.

The main function of gutters is to funnel rainwater from the roofs of a structure toward the downspout, which then directs the rainwater to the ground. The goal is to keep water and moisture away from the foundation of the property. When water winds its way to your home's foundation, your house can become waterlogged and the leaks in the basement can damage the structure as well as the surrounding landscape.

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In the absence of gutters, rainwater may simply cascade down like a waterfall. This is not necessarily bad, especially for homes that have wide overhangs. Water will not seep into the foundation. However, you and the other members of your household may get wet while entering or leaving your house.

Gutters may be fabricated out of different materials. The most common of these are steel, aluminium, copper and vinyl. Each of these have its unique pros and cons. For example, vinyl is known for being light and strong, but it is prone to ice and hail. Steel, on the other hand, is both strong and can support a large amount of weight. It is, however, prone to rusting, especially after the finish is damaged or wears off.

If you are considering using gutters in your home, be aware that there are a few potential drawbacks.

For one, gutters need to be constantly cleaned in order to facilitate the smooth flow of water. Gutters often become blocked by the accumulation of leaves and debris. When gutters are blocked, the rainwater may back up and overflow.

Gutters are also susceptible to damage from nearby trees, heavy rains and animals. These can dent, weigh down or pull the gutters away from the main structure.

If you are planning to install gutters, be aware that you need to clean these at least twice a year. You also have to prune the trees on your property to minimise the accumulation of leaves and debris.

But despite these drawbacks, maintaining gutters is a fairly straightforward task that will cost you very little money. If you notice holes, these can be easily be plugged. As for sagging and loose gutters, all you need to get these back into their correct position is a hammer. Should you need to replace a section that has been damaged, you will not necessarily blow your budget. The cost of replacement will depend on how much material you need as well as the type of gutter you will use.

Should you have any questions about gutter installations, do not hesitate to the roofing experts in Mr Highlights Roofing today!


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