Things to Consider When Choosing Your Child's Primary School

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Child's Primary School

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Moving up from kindergarten to primary school is a big step for a little one, so parents are careful about selecting the primary school where their child will take the next crucial steps in their learning and development.

There are a number of factors that could help steer you in the direction of the best available school for your child. Here are some of the first things that you would need to consider as you put together your shortlist of primary schools:

How close is the school to your house or workplace? Generally, parents enrol their children in the primary school closest to their house, or if not, closest to wherever they work from. This will make it easy to take your kid to school and pick him up after class— I t can entail only a short walk or drive. This would also mean that your child's classmates will also be living close by, so it will also be easy to visit a friend's house during weekends.

What facilities does the school offer? You'll want to personally take a look at the school grounds and observe all the areas where your child will be spending most of his time. It's ideal for the parent to get a general feel of the place, to determine if the school is suitably fitted to cater to young children and to facilitate lessons that would help promote the students' physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth and development.

What are the school's and the teachers' philosophies regarding educating children? Different primary schools will have different systems or programs for imparting lessons to the children in their charge. It's best for you to be able to speak with the principal, school staff and even the teacher who will be handling your child's class so you can gauge what their strategies for teaching, training and disciplining children are, and whether they are compatible with your own values and opinions regarding the matter.

What educational programs does the school offer? Find out whether the primary school will be able to support children of different learning levels or abilities, or children with special needs. This is crucial as you would want a school that is equipped to deliver lessons, help children get a solid understanding of their activities and assignments, and grow up to become well-rounded individuals.

Does the school have protocol in place in the event that a child falls sick, becomes injured, or becomes upset and unsettled while in the school grounds? Parents want to be assured that their children are in good hands while they are in school. So it's best to know for sure how the school staff plan to address issues like children getting sick or needing medical attention, kids becoming upset or displaying a different behaviour than usual, or children getting into a row with other kids or being unable to relate well with school staff or other personnel.

What are the standard fees and any other additional costs that should be expected? Of course, you should choose a primary school that meets your requirements for your child's education as well as fits your family's budget. Go over the tuition fees and other school fees that will need to be covered throughout the academic year so that you can have a clear picture of what to expect and compare these with the fees required by other schools in your shortlist.


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