The Truth About Female Aesthetic Genital Surgery – Sydney Experts Answer Top Concerns

The Truth About Female Aesthetic Genital Surgery – Sydney Experts Answer Top Concerns

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While most women who turn to plastic surgery aim to make improvements or enhancements in their physical appearance — often on their face or on parts of the body like the breasts, abdomen, or buttocks — others may be considering getting surgery on more delicate areas, particularly the genitals.

Female aesthetic genital surgery, Sydney health professionals share, pertains to vaginoplasty or the more apt medical term labiaplasty. Curious about this procedure? Here are the top 4 questions that women ask about this type of surgery, and their answers (plus other helpful information):

1. What exactly is labiaplasty?
Labiaplasty is a procedure that aims to change the shape or size of the labia minora or the vagina's inner lips (located between the vaginal opening and the outer labia).

There is an ideal appearance when it comes to a woman's labia minora. These inner lips should ideally not protrude beyond the labia majora or outer lips. The full labia majora should not have excess or overly fatty skin that bulges when a woman wears tight clothing. Also, the mons pubis (the area below the bikini line) should not protrude from clothing.

Labiaplasty can help reduce the labia, reshape uneven or long labia, and correct their asymmetry.

2. Why would a woman want to undergo this procedure?
Reasons can vary among different patients. Some want to have symmetrical-looking labia so that they can be more physically attractive to their sexual partners or be more confident in their appearance when wearing tight clothing, such as swimsuits.

For others, having large labia minora means experiencing irritation, discomfort, rashes, and painful sexual intercourse.

3. What would the surgical procedure be like?
Typically, an experienced and qualified surgeon would remove excess tissue or remodel the labia into the desired shape or size. This can be done using a scalpel or with laser to reduce bleeding. General or local anaesthesia may be used.

4. How will the patient feel after the operation?
Immediately after the surgery, the patient may feel considerable pain and discomfort. There will be some swelling and bruising, and numbness is also possible. The patient will need to wear bandages or dressings until the affected area heals completely.

Here are additional facts to think about:

  • Scarring from labiaplasty will be permanent, but over time, its appearance will gradually fade.

  • Labiaplasty is not a type of gender reassignment surgery.

  • The results of labiaplasty are also permanent.

  • Undergoing cosmetic surgery can be expensive and the procedure does not usually qualify for rebates from Medicare and private health insurance providers.

  • Women who smoke are at increased risk of complications from the surgery, so if you’re serious about this operation, it's best to quit the habit.

  • If you're interested in undergoing this procedure, it's best to thoroughly consult your trusted doctor or plastic surgeon, and to get help from the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons or the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons for information and assistance.

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