The Top 5 Accessories Every Smartphone Owner Should Have

The Top 5 Accessories Every Smartphone Owner Should Have

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With today's global population becoming more and more tech-savvy with each year that passes, it's going to be a challenge for anyone to find an individual who does not own a cell phone or smartphone (or two!).

In much earlier decades, if you needed to talk to a friend who's not in the same location as you, a landline phone installed in your friend's house was your only hope of getting in touch. There was no telling who would pick up the phone when you call — you could be answered by your friend's parents or siblings, and there wasn't always a guarantee that you would get to talk if they tell you that your friend can't come to the phone right now.

Thanks to the emergence of mobile phones, however, people now have their own individual phone lines so you can be sure that you're calling or texting the right person, and that he or she is highly likely to receive the calls and texts every time. If they were considered luxuries or mere conveniences before, in today's wirelessly connected environment, cell phones are absolute necessities. They connect parents to their children, and families to other families. They enable employers to reach their team members, and allow businesses to contact important clients, partners, suppliers, and other key people in their business circle. And thanks to advanced telecommunication capabilities, people can engage in private or conference calls (even video calls) from any point in the world.

The right accompaniments
As any cell phone owner would know, there are a number of accessories that would enable them to maximise the function of their devices or even personalise their usage. To make the most out of this important communication tool, here is a brief look at the five most important cell phone accessories that you should have today.

Power Up: Batteries (primary and extra)
Your cell phone will come with a standard battery upon purchase. This battery serves as the power source that will enable your phone to operate, so you need to take good care of the primary battery that you receive. But in addition to this, it would also be a very wise move to visit retail stores and purchase one or two extra batteries. You will never know when you will find yourself unable to find a power outlet to connect your phone to and recharge the battery; in this case, you may soon find yourself with a dead phone while you are away from home or in the middle of an important call. Keep your batteries fully charged as much as possible so you can always have a power supply when you need it.

Power Refills: Chargers
As previously mentioned, your cell phone's batteries will not be fully charged for long, especially if you use the phone heavily throughout the day. So you need a fully functional wall charger that enables you to bring the battery level back up to 100% charge and give your phone full life.

Armor against the environment: Protective cases and covers
Regardless of whether you own a high-end smartphone or much simpler feature phones, your device will need protection from everyday wear and tear. Your phone will constantly be in your hands, in your pockets, placed on tables, slipped into purses, or even tossed onto beds and other areas. Your phone is sure to collect a number of scratches, dings and chips, suffer spills, or gather dust in the corners. Some types of damage may be inevitable, but you can prevent the worst of it by buying a case or cover for your phone, and thin films of plastic that serve as screen protectors. The cases can also come in a number of designs and colours, so you can create a pretty look for your device while protecting it from further damage.

Crystal-clear communication: Headsets
The primary purpose of a phone is to enable people to engage in clear communication, and a headset assists beautifully in that purpose. If you need to do other things with your hands while talking to someone on your cell phone, a headset will come in handy. It consists of an earpiece where you can listen to the speaker on the other end, and a thin cable that connects the earpiece to the phone. A microphone will be positioned near the user's mouth or integrated into the earpiece so you can talk freely without having to put the phone close to your face.

Preserving important data: Memory cards
Most phones will already have a standard internal storage capability for saving text messages, pictures, music files, games, and other files. However, this will only usually be minimal and you'll soon find that you need more space to save all you need to keep. An external memory card is designed to provide additional storage space for your cell phone. You can choose microSD cards (the most common ones), microSDHC cards or microSDXC cards according to the amount of space and the speed of transfer that you require. The smallest memory can hold 4GB of data, while others can hold up to 32GB or even 2TB of data.


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