The Top 4 Tips on Choosing Commercial Security Doors for Your Shop

The Top 4 Tips on Choosing Commercial Security Doors for Your Shop

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Whatever your commercial, industrial or retail establishment may be — from shopping centres, government agencies, hotels, offices and pubs, to warehouses, loading docks and factories, to schools, banks, universities, sports stadiums and clubs — security should be one of your top priorities. You need to keep all raw materials, supplies, equipment, facilities and finished goods protected from theft, and blocked off from unauthorised individuals and groups who may attempt to gain entry. It's one of the key requirements in ensuring that you are able to run an efficient, effective facility while maintaining quality management standards.

As such, one of the best investments you can make for your establishment is in finding the right commercial security doors. These doors are your first line of defence in preventing unwanted entry and controlling the flow of traffic in and out of the premises.

How can you be sure to pick the right security doors for your specific establishment? Here are the top 4 guidelines you need to keep in mind:

Pick a product with unrivalled strength.
Commercial security doors are made suing different materials for a variety of purposes. Make sure the products you are considering have successfully passed a wide range of performance tests and meet the proper security standards.

Find out, for instance, how the security doors fared in dynamic impact tests, anti-jemmy tests, pull tests, climbing tests, and wind overturn tests so you can be sure that you pick a product that can withstand different kinds of applied forces and environmental factors.

Check for top-notch security.
It's best to determine the kind of security each establishment requires. For instance, it may be perfectly fine for the public to look into the premises through trellis doors or folding doors. Other venues, on the other hand, may require more stringent security so solid rolling or sliding doors may be more appropriate — no eyes can peek inside and no hands can reach in for products or merchandise.

Consider the product's design.
Commercial security doors come in a wide range of designs. There are safety screens and trellis doors made with steel bars, grilles, double diamond trellis designs, simple folding aluminium closures, and solid roller shutters. While providing security and protection, these doors can also allow for see-through visibility, temperature control, airflow and ventilation as needed.

Choose a door that operates according to your establishment's needs.
Being able to operate the security doors with the utmost ease is one of the most important things to consider when choosing your commercial security door.

If your goal is to cover large spaces and openings with a single piece of durable steel, and to roll up the door so it becomes totally invisible during business hours, roller shutters may be your best choice. If you prefer barriers that won't leave unsightly tracks on your space, trackless trellis security barriers that slide horizontally are a good option. For greater protection for doorways and windows, hinged, fully-framed retractable concertina and trellis doors are excellent selections.

Know more about the best security door options for your business. Contact The Australian Trellis Door Company today.


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