The Top 4 Reasons to Start Running for Your Health

The Top 4 Reasons to Start Running for Your Health

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For millions of people across the globe, running fits the bill as the ideal exercise for improving health.

Running is just one of the many physical activities that you can take up to improve your fitness and overall health. Because physical exertion, by definition, means that you will be taking your body through a series of movements that will inevitably use up your energy and tire you out (if it is to work), most people choose workouts that they will actually enjoy doing.

For many people, that would be playing a team sport, or dancing, or swimming, or riding a bike. Others like the variety of exercises (and the camaraderie they can build with other people) that they can find inside a gym. And still others would rather head for the extreme end of the workout spectrum — spending weekends or weeks on end climbing mountains, swimming in the open sea, or joining extreme sports competitions.

So why choose running? Some may ask incredulously. For some individuals, the monotonous pounding on endless roads is hardly appealing, especially if your goal is long-term physical fitness. Running for just two minutes straight for some is torture enough — with your lungs and legs burning, the sun beating down on your sweaty form, and the unending struggle to catch your breath, many can think of more enjoyable ways to improve health.

You may change your mind about running, however, when you hear about these top 4 reasons to get in on the action now:

Running makes you happier.
Perhaps you're imagining that all runners can think about as they soldier on is how much farther or longer they still need to go, but you've also probably heard about a very real phenomenon: runner's high — and that's not all. It's true that experienced runners get that joyous flood of feel-good hormones (called endocannabinoids), but it's also true that running regularly — even just a five-minute bout — can instantly and effectively improve your mood. Studies have found that exercise — running — can protect against anxiety and depression, improve sleep, and enhance concentration, all of which make for a much happier person.

It helps your brain function better — sharper.
It's a fact that human bodily functions begin to slow down as a person ages, and that includes brain function. Running and other aerobic exercises, however, can improve brain performance by raising the heart rate and facilitating the flow of blood — rich in oxygen — through the body, including the brain. Regular exercise can help maintain the brain's ability to remember, to pay selective attention, and to switch between different tasks.

It will add three more years to your lifespan.
Studies have found that people who exercise regularly live an average of three years longer than more sedentary individuals. This is true even if you just meet the minimum amount of physical activity per day or per week.

It will reduce your risk for certain diseases.
Running reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by almost 50%. This exercise also lowers your risk for high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. It's also known to help prevent the development of certain cancers. And because running strengthens the knees and other bones and joints, fewer runners suffer from arthritis over the long term.

Enjoy your healthiest and fittest body ever, with help and advice from top fitness services in Australia today.


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