The Top 4 Genius Eyeliner Hacks You Absolutely Must Try

The Top 4 Genius Eyeliner Hacks You Absolutely Must Try

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Is your eyeliner application process eating up your mornings? You may want to enhance your appearance with the help of makeup, but you don't want to spend hours getting your look just right.

From the moment you began experimenting with your mum's or older sisters' makeup kits when you were a little girl, until this very day when you lead professional a life, you are very likely to have mastered the art of applying makeup that suits your particular features and skin tone best.

However, the occasional mishap does happen — such as fouling up your eyeliner, which is one of the trickiest kinds of makeup to put on perfectly — and this can mean running late for work or a social event because you have to repair the damage or do your makeup all over again.

Mastering the eyeliner can be a lifelong endeavour, but you can make it infinitely easier to get the right look you want on the first try by following the top 4 genius eyeliner hacks:

1. Use a spoon or an eyeliner guard to get the right shape.
It can be difficult to get just the right effect you want with your eyeliner, and it doesn't help if you have shaky hands, either. You might end up with crooked flicks or lines that are perfect on one eye but disastrously off-tangent on the other eye.

For consistent shapes and lines, you can always use a tool like a spoon or an eyeliner guard to guide your hand. With a spoon, line up the straight handle underneath your eye's outer corner; this creates the straight and sharp underside of the flick you're going for. The spoon's curved head, on the other hand, should be used to trace the pointed tip back toward the lash line. To finish this off, fill in the outline you just made.

You can do the same thing with an eyeliner guard (which is a little plastic device similar to a guitar pick). It can be used to create straight or curved eyeliner lines, depending on the look you fancy.

2. Try sticky tape for cleaner lines.
Before you apply your foundation, attach a small piece of sticky tape to the outer corner of each eye, in a diagonal fashion. Proceed to apply your eyeliner; any mistakes can glide straight onto the tape. Once done, peel off the tape — and your mistakes will come off, too, leaving a perfect line.

3. A pointed ear bud helps prevent smudges when repairing eyeliner mistakes.
If you do happen to apply the eyeliner incorrectly, you should never use your fingertip to try to rub the excess eyeliner away — it will only cause a smudge. Instead, use a pointed ear bud. For a cleaner effect, dip the ear bud into some makeup remover or micellar water.

4. Connect the dots.
If you have trouble applying a smooth, perfect line, you can guide your eyes and your hands by creating a line of dots across your lash line. Once done, you just need to make a line by joining the dots together, and you're all set.

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