The Top 4 Features Found in Every Australian Home (and More)

The Top 4 Features Found in Every Australian Home (and More)

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Australians take pride in their laid-back lifestyles — they work hard, but they also make sure to give their home and personal life equal time in order to maintain a healthy balance.

To this end, they have their homes designed to reflect this balance and to cultivate their innate love for kicking back, enjoying the company of family and friends (and their own solitude as well), and simply revelling in the comfort of home.

So if you were to take a peek into an Australian's abode, what quintessential elements are you sure to find? Here are the top 4 features present in any proud Aussie's property (plus some other interesting facts):

Eco-friendly provisions. You don't get to live in an environment as rich, diverse and prone to weather extremes such as Australia's without learning to plan and design your home around it. Australians commit to building a positive relationship with their local landscape by incorporating environment-friendly features: rainwater tanks, vertical gardens, compost pits, and organic vegetable and fruit gardens are excellent examples.

Excellent use of outdoor space. Sure, there are experiences of droughts and flooding, but Australians still love basking in the warm sunshine and just relaxing outside their homes in well-designed decks and verandahs. With ample shade and protection from the elements, these outdoor spaces provide a perfect spot for unwinding, sharing a meal, and entertaining.

Pools for taking a daily dip. For Australians who can't step out of their houses and walk directly to the beach for a round of surfing, the next best thing is to take a dip in their own swimming pool. It’s perfect for cooling off in intense temperatures and is the perfect backdrop for a weekend barbecue party.

Designer kitchens. Aussies love their gorgeous produce and are passionate about whipping up both everyday and gourmet meals (think about the popularity of MasterChef), so most would plan a renovation to install a designer kitchen which can serve as a focal point within the home.

Other interesting things you need to know about the Australian home:

· A survey by design platform Houzz revealed that one in 10 Australians redo their living environment every month; 30% will go ahead with their renovations every three to six months.
· Most homes sport exteriors done in neutral colours like grey, brown, black and white (also, orange is increasing in popularity, and many houses have red, green and blue doors for a pop of colour).
· Timber floors are a must — especially for all of those decks.
· Modern/contemporary is the design aesthetic chosen by the majority of the population (55%). Traditional, eclectic and country styles come next.
· Bedrooms, living rooms and ensuite bathrooms also receive much attention during renovations. They must enable homeowners not just to sleep and take of their hygiene needs, but also to enjoy the maximum comfort and enjoyment in these spaces.

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