The Smart Traveller’s Guide to Taxi Rentals

The Smart Traveller’s Guide to Taxi Rentals

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When you’re new to a place, renting a cab is a good option for efficient and safe travel. Whether you’re visiting for business or for pleasure or for both, you can make the most of the trip, save time, save your energy and get to know the area better when you have the services of a trustworthy taxi company.

Business travel
For business travellers, renting a can allows them to arrive at meetings and other business activities on time and without hassle. Since they won’t be worrying about the directions on how to go from point A to point B, they’ll be able to put their focus more on business matters, such as the content of their presentation or the documents they need to provide. Moreover, a rented taxi will provide a smooth ride, providing passengers professional representation and helping them to keep their composure and poise while going to and from appointments.

For tourists, hopping on a rented cab is a fast and fun way to go sightseeing and ensure they get to visit the significant attractions and landmarks during their stay. Many rental cab companies offer tourist packages that already have a set itinerary for each ride. Tourists won’t worry about missing out, and since they will only need to deal with one party (the taxi company), the chances of being victimised by tourist traps and scams are greatly minimised.

Needless to say, you can only enjoy these benefits of you deal with the right taxi company. Make sure you choose a rental cab company that you can trust and rely on, and will give you the friendly and helpful service that’s worth the price you pay.

Keep in mind the following tips when renting a taxi as a tourist:

Do your research. Prior to the trip, go online and check out reviews and recommendations about rental taxi companies in your destination. Look for independent feedback and first-hand experiences by travellers who have profiles and standards that are near or similar to yours. Narrow down your choices and bring that list when you make the trip. Stick only to fully licensed and reputable companies.

Be clear about the rates and payment terms. In some places, the fare is based on the company’s per hour or per day rental. In others, the fare will be based on a special meter specifically designed for rented cabs. Some seasoned travellers also try to negotiate the total price, especially if they will be using the service for several times or for the entire visit. No matter what terms you have agreed on, however, make sure that the rate is clear to all parties before you embark on the vehicle.

Prepare exact change. At the start of the trip, ask the bank or money exchange to divide the local currency you have into smaller bills. This will allow you to control your payments and tips, if you’re giving any. This also helps to avoid situations that may require some effort (or convincing) for the taxi driver to give you your change. Carrying small bills is a good idea not just for paying taxis but also for other purchases you make throughout your trip. It’s also a safety technique as you won’t need to flash around big bills in an unfamiliar place.

Get the complete addresses of your drop-off and pick-up points. Print out a map and the address of your destination so you can easily show the cab driver where you need to go. This is especially handy when you’re unfamiliar with the local language. A lot of places are also called by local names that may be different from its formal name, so it’s best to point it out in a map to avoid misunderstandings.


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