The Savvy Buyer’s Guide To Amazing Shopping Experiences At Factory Outlets

The Savvy Buyer’s Guide To Amazing Shopping Experiences At Factory Outlets

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Outlet shops were not at all great spots to shop in back in the day. If you shopped in a factory outlet, it was as though you were banished from the mall and, somehow, outlet shopping was your punishment. If the outlet shop were this box-type warehouse choking in really awful clothes and shoes and other merchandise, the punishment would have been particularly cruel.

Today, it’s an entirely different scene. Even designer brands like Gucci, Michael Kors, and Kate Spade are found in some of the best factory outlets. Imagine buying a Michael Kors outfit for your exotic getaway at over 50 percent off and a Kate Spade overnight bag at even less.

With a keen eye and shopper smarts, you could build a wardrobe that rivals that of any globetrotting trust fund man or woman. Or maybe not; but at the very least, you will have made great investments into some exquisite brand named pieces — without the exquisite prices.

To make sure you truly get the good stuff at factory outlets here are some things you might want to do:

· Know the layout.
Most factory outlets are planned like every other retail store in malls. This means that you should head for the corners or the back to find the bargains. Great displays are generally placed at the front and middle of most stores. If you want the really inexpensive items, head to the corners.

· Never just go with the signs when looking for a bargain.
It is tempting to just grab the first item that’s in the “70 per cent off the original retail price” bin. Do your research first before giving in to the temptation. Use your smartphone or tablet to find if that is indeed a good bargain.

· Schedule your factory outlet shopping during off hours.
Unless you’re some kind of a glutton for punishment, consider shopping when it is not super busy, for instance, during the weekends or the holidays. Try to go when the outlet opens.

· Dig for “treasures”.
Factory outlet shopping will take some patience sometimes because you really have to dig through clothes or shoes to discover a “gem”. Under that huge messy pile of clearance sale products waits the bag or jacket of your dreams.

· Check your product before heading off to pay for it.
OK. Know that in some factory outlets you will find defective goods. It is easy enough to spot the defects if you take the time to closely inspect the product.

· Wear comfortable shoes, and eat up before you shop.
Finally, for some really serious factory outlet shopping, make sure you’re dressed for comfort, especially when it comes to shoes. And never go on an empty stomach because then your hunger pangs will just get in the way of scoping out a great bargain.


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