The Importance of Mediation

The Importance of Mediation

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By definition, mediation is an alternative way of resolving conflicts that exist between two or more parties. By using a third party, often called a mediator, they are able to solve the conflict by meeting their demands in a settlement that is favourable to both parties. Just like other ways of settling disputes, mediation has its own time frame and conditions. There are other ways of resolving conflicts but mediation is usually the preferred method, mainly because of the following reasons.

Mediation is a much faster process

People who want to resolve an issue that is not as expensive as having to go through a trial can go through mediation instead. Although both parties still pay for the services of the mediator, compared to the court trial, the mediator is usually cheaper compared to the attorney's rates. Also, both parties can pay for the fee of the mediator and that means the actual cost of the mediator is divided among the number of parties. In a court case, each party hires his her own attorney and will be costly. Aside from the money they'll be saving, mediation is faster compared to a court hearing because it doesn't have to go through the tedious legal process.

Mediation is a confidential

Another advantage of mediation is by its nature confidential. The mediator itself is trained to keep the arguments within him and therefore there is little chance that the public will know the nature of the disputes, the parties involved and the terms of the settlement. This is favourable to the parties involved especially if they don't want unnecessary attention for them. Compared to the court process wherein the parties involved are presented to the court and to the public, there might be possibilities that the issue will get out and everyone will know.

Mediation offers multiple options

In a court case, the one who will determine the resolution of the dispute would be the judge alone. In the mediation process, the arbiter takes into consideration the kind of settlement that both parties wanted to have. The mediator will then facilitate both the demands of the parties involved until both parties are good with the settlement conditions. This is fine at the court hearing where the court official because the parties will be happy with the settlement unlike in the court hearing, where the judge gets to make the terms of the settlement which does not make both parties totally happy.

Mediation is a mutual endeavour

The fact that the parties involved the help of a mediator, they are sure to settle the case rather fights over it. In the court case, the setup would be the parties against the other. In mediation, the parties work together to gain favourable settlement terms.

With these reasons, it is best to settle disputes using mediation because of the reasons listed above. If you have a dispute that needs to be resolved, you better settle it using mediation rather than other dispute means.

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