The Clever Shopper’s Guide To Scoring Cool Gift Sets

The Clever Shopper’s Guide To Scoring Cool Gift Sets

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Blame the Three Wise Men for starting this whole business with giving gifts.

St. Nicholas, who was actually a bishop, turned it into a tradition of sorts because he enjoyed giving gifts to kids. The non-Christian origin of giving gifts was part of winter solstice celebration; gift baskets were made from wheat stalks and signified fertility and was said to have “life-giving” qualities.

Oddly enough, and in spite of its Christian origins, the Catholic Church actually banned giving gifts around year 1000 because the act was thought too pagan.

Spoiler alert: the “pagans” won out in the end.

Today, gift giving is seen as an act of generosity, appreciation, thanksgiving, adoration, and love. And it is practiced for any and all occasions, not just right around the holidays and birthdays and anniversaries.

Of course, if you’re in the habit of giving gifts at a greater frequency than most people, you naturally want to do it without breaking the bank. Luckily, you have the option to get gift sets, which may contain all the essential items your blessed receiver will get. Also, gift sets are already packaged in a way that saves you from getting it wrapped.

To make the most of this economical and brilliant gift idea, you need to get the right sort of baskets or sets. Here’s a quick and easy guide to doing just that:

Pay attention to what your recipient (or recipients) adores.
Anyone who gets a gift he or she truly wants will no doubt be chuffed. The fact that you thought abut this person is already a good thing but to have remembered something specific about them is the, as the cliché goes, icing on the cake.

So if the one you’re gifting is always running out of eyeliner or mascara, that they love organic skincare products, that they cannot find flavoured salt, that they need entertainment sets … find gift sets that meet their needs and desires.

Shop and compare gift sets.
Some gift sets of the same products will differ in brands, quantity, and sizes. Some will stand out more than other gift sets because of the delicate packaging. Other gift sets might seem more attractive because of the huge discount. You will never run out of gift set selections to choose from so take your time and compare each one.

Go for stunning presentation.
It’s the “wow” factor that kind of makes some gift sets more valuable than others. Look for luxurious little touches, from the box to the ribbon. And consider the arrangement of the products in the box.

Shop online for cheaper options.
Finally, search the Web for some spectacular discounts. Not only do you have the option to get the gift sets delivered straight to your recipients, but also you can shop in your jammies (or birthday suit, if you’re inclined), anytime of the day.


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