The Best 3 Brand-Boosting Corporate Gifts

The Best 3 Brand-Boosting Corporate Gifts

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Corporate gifts are a classic way to boost brand awareness and spread goodwill to your customers, clients, business associates and employees. To make sure your investment for corporate gifts deliver the most returns, it’s important to choose items that are useful to or will be appreciated by your target recipients. You just don’t want to give some random items away – you want to offer added value, which is often key to the success of a business.

When choosing corporate gifts, make sure the material is printer-friendly, because you will need the item to bear your logo or branding (in a subtle way as much as possible). Enquire about bulk rates and be clear about delivery times. You would want the entire gift set to arrive several weeks before the trade fair, corporate party or corporate event so you can check for damage or order replacements, if necessary.

To make your gift more memorable, why not go for ergonomic items? Contrary to popular assumption, ergonomic does not necessarily mean expensive. With innovative products in the market today, there are now a wide range of everyday products that are intelligently designed and beautifully crafted, for a reasonable price.

For instance, mugs are a popular corporate promotional giveaway item. They are so common that almost everyone has, more than one time in their life, experienced receiving a giveaway mug. But if you make it an ergonomic mug, you immediately heighten the value of that item. An ergonomic mug is comfortable to use and to hold. It will most likely be designed to be no-spill and to maintain the temperature of the beverage for a longer time. Expect your recipient to be proud to be using such as smart mug, which means more positive exposure for your brand.

For your VIP recipients, you can choose to give an ergonomic watch. Unlike ordinary watches, an ergonomic watch is engineered to bring ultimate comfort to the wearer; the body of the watch is made to correspond to the human form and the strap of the watch is designed to fit snugly and comfortably to the perfect spot on the wrist. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can choose a more practical stainless steel material for the watch, or a more luxurious design with genuine gems as accents.

Meanwhile, an ergonomic pen holds a universal appeal to a broad range of recipients. A pen designed according to ergonomic principles will be easy to wield and be a pleasure to write with. Aside from being highly useful with the smooth and stain-free writing it offers, an ergonomic pen is also beautiful to behold. Again, depending on your requirements, a simple design can look professional and elegant, while a more lavish pen made with sterling silver or even 24K gold is just perfect if you’re looking for a more deluxe gift option.


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