Ten kitchen must-haves

Ten kitchen must-haves

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A lot of people claim that they can’t cook but upon closer inspection, when you inspect their kitchens, immediately you will understand why. Cooking can be fun, but only if the kitchen where the cooking would take place contains adequate tools.
Even a five minute recipe is a gigantic effort when done in an inadequate kitchen. Imagine having to slice onions or tomatoes with a dull knife, or tossing a mix of stir-fry in a sticking pan. With inadequate tools, most people thought they can’t cook and so, would rather not invest in essential kitchen tools.

On the contrary, acquiring quality tools would make cooking fun and easy, even for those claiming to be unable to cook. With the right tools in the kitchen, good food can be prepared even with those who lack the skills and experience. A few trials at easy recipes and unexperienced people would be surprised at how much they improved in terms of skills and the quality of the food they produced. The secret? The right tools.

Below are ten kitchen must haves to transform the act of cooking from laborious to fun.

1. Set of quality chef knives
Quality knives lasts and stays sharp longer compared to cheap knives. Avoid putting them in the sink with the rest of the utensils to prolong the handles. Quality knives can also be resharpened when dulled by continuous usage.

2. Chopping boards
Never chop, dice, or slice vegetables or meat using the table or surfaces of porcelain plates as a chopping board for this will damage the knives or the table/plates. Use a quality chopping board for this. Acquire at least three to four sturdy boards so you won’t have to slice vegetables and meat using the same chopping board. Use wood or bamboo chopping board for vegetables and plastic for meats.

3. Strainer
Strainers are bowls with holes to allow liquid to drain. They are used in basically anything from meat to pasta. They are also used for rinsing vegetables before cooking to get rid of the excess water.

4. Wooden spoon
Cooking is all about stirring. There are many kinds of stirring spoons madefrom different materials such as steel, plastic or even silicone. Seasoned chefs prefer spoons made of wood because they don’t conduct heat and don’t do damage to the surfaces of pots and pans.

5. Peeler
When peeling potatoes, apples, carrots, or basically anything that needed peeling, a peeler can do the job faster and safer without too much waste.

6. Tongs
Tongs are handy for cooking and serving.

7. Whisk
A whisk is a handy kitchen tool because it whips up fluffy scrambled eggs, blends homemade salad dressings and best of all, they get rid of lumps out of gravies.

8. Cast iron skillet
A skillet is a versatile tool in the kitchen because it can go from stove top to the oven.

9. Deep frier
As long as you know what you’re doing, deep friers prevent any raw food from reaching the table.

10. Measuring cups
Your recipe turns out perfect everytime. No guessing required.


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