Stylish Door for Your Home: Which of These?

Stylish Door for Your Home: Which of These?

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A door isn’t just a door — it can tell about your style statement and give all sorts of impression about your home. Choosing a stylish door depends on your home’s design and functionality. There are many materials and types of doors that are available for your home. Before buying a door, you must first consider its security and durability.

In choosing a stylish door, security shouldn’t be compromised. One of the most common crimes in Australia is household burglary. You can use security doors in conjunction with a wooden or glass door, providing an extra barrier against quick break-ins. In the same way, security screens provide extra protection for windows around the home.

One of the biggest factors in choosing a door is the weather. Australia has a fluctuating climate, so you should consider a door that can withstand the test of time. Most doors are made from durable materials including stainless steel and hardwood but look for those with performance testing. Check testing against weatherproofing as well as attempted break-ins.

The design, style and colour of a door can add a value to the entire home. It can add mystery and intrigue what lies inside, enticing the visitors to come and set the beauty of the house from the outside. Doors can be made of different materials including wood, steel, fibreglass and much more.

Pivot Door
This type of door is wider than the standard version. You’ll need to have a wide entrance way for it to fit. It pivots on a hinge that holds it at the top and bottom of the door, compared to it being hinged at the side. This is ideal for main entrances into your home. It makes a bold statement and is available in different design, styles and can be custom made to suit your home.

Double Door
This door also needs a large entrance way. You have two doors that open in the centre. There are many design options with this one, which includes glass panels in the wood.

Solid Door
This type of door is made of solid wood. Your desired type of wood will depend on your design requirements. It’s suitable for main entrances, as well as on the inside of your home.

Side Light Door
This door has an additional panel on the side that consists mainly of glass. It adds a window element to the design and, consequently, more light into your home. This is a beautiful option for the main entrance.

Internal Glass Door
This is a modern take on passage doors. It has a wooden frame with a large glass panel, which is either clear or opaque. Depending on the design you like and your requirements, you can opt for the opaque glass to allow light in the passageway or the clear glass to enable you to see right through it.

Folding and Sliding Doors
These slide open or fold to one side. They shut quite easily and are available in modern designs that are ideal for patios.

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