Stay Safe And Enjoy Your Great Zoo Day Out With The Kids

Stay Safe And Enjoy Your Great Zoo Day Out With The Kids

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A tourist getting mauled by a 1,200 pound polar bear after she climbed over the fence to take a photo. An E. coli outbreak at a petting zoo gets 12 people sick. A croc attacks its keeper during a show at the zoo. Anything can happen at the zoo.

Even the animal keepers are not safe, as evidenced by numerous incidents, some fatal, reported in the news. So while there are cages and fences and rules designed to keep all the visitors safe, remember that accidents will happen. And this can greatly affect how you and your kids enjoy the rest of the day at the zoo.

It pays to be cautious. Guarantee safety and full enjoyment at the zoo by keeping these things in mind.

Keep your kids always close by your side — at all times.
It’s safe to say that your kids will have a tendency to run ahead of you, toward an exhibit or to climb over a fence. Both could be very dangerous for them. They could fall into an enclosure or be bitten by an animal. So you need to keep a close eye on your kids.

For smaller kids, there are products in the market that might keep you attached, literally, to them. Some parents might find this unsettling but it could do the trick for really wild kids. For more manageable kids, make sure to have a talk about staying together during the visit before you head to the zoo.

Another reason for keeping your kids close by your side is the threat of a stranger taking them away. It might sound dramatic but know that in crowded places kids can go missing.

Be aware of the zoo’s rules.
Every zoo will have a different set of rules. These will be posted all around the area; you’ll even see them posted as you enter. Get to know these rules with your kids so everyone knows how to act accordingly.

Respect the animals.
Teach your kids to never taunt any of the animals or to disturb them when they are sleeping. Animals have a right to their rest. So tell your kids to give the animals their space when needed.

Eat at the appropriate place.
Never eat while coming up to the animal enclosures; and certainly, never feed the animals. This will not only affect their nutrition but also hazardous for your kids.

You should eat only at designated places. But before you sit down to a meal, make sure you all wash your hands thoroughly. This is especially important when you take the kids to the petting zoo. After washing with warm soapy water, apply hand sanitiser.


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