Start the Year Right with These Home Cleaning and Upgrade Projects

Start the Year Right with These Home Cleaning and Upgrade Projects

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Published by TOP4 Team

New Year's resolutions are all about growth and improvement. And as the New Year is ushered in, you are probably making plans to be more productive at work and become fitter and healthier. Perhaps, you may have listed down old habits that you want to kick and new ones that you wish to cultivate.

But one thing that’s as equally important as improving yourself is taking good care of your property. Remember, your home is more than a place to rest your weary body after a long day's work. It is also one of your greatest investments.

Compiled here are a few quick and easy home and garden upgrades that you surely can finish before the New Year draws to a close.

Extend your living space
A patio or pergola is a welcome addition to practically any home. Both can allow you to better enjoy the outdoors and extend your living space. Done right, both can also help increase your property's value.

Consider switching to hardwood
Another good way to increase your home's value is to make the switch to hardwood. Today, you can choose from several options ranging from exotic wood floors to bamboo wood floors. Furthermore, wood floors offer other benefits including easy maintenance and cleaning. Making the switch is a straightforward DIY task and you can make the installation your project for this year.

Clean and organise your garden shed
Cleaning and organising your garden shed will help make yard work less of a chore and more of an enjoyable task. First, you need to eliminate clutter and throw away the stuff that you do not need. Next, you will need to organise your garden tools and equipment in order to facilitate easy access. You may want to add more shelves for your gardening supplies.

Revitalise the driveway and rock mulch beds
If you are using gravel for your driveway and rock mulch bed, the first few months of the year is one of the best times to replenish gravel and perform a few lawn care tasks like the application of weed killers and adding a fresh topping on the mulch bed.

Perform exterior maintenance
The start of the New Year is one of the best times to survey the exterior of your home to check for damage. This will allow you to become aware of and address small problems before they turn into bigger and costlier issues. Specifically, you should watch out for moisture and insect problems, two of the most common issues property owners have to deal with.


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