Solar Water Heater Benefits to Your Home

Solar Water Heater Benefits to Your Home

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Solar water heating systems are made up of a well-insulated storage tank and solar collection. A solar water heating system can either be active (it includes circulating pumps and controls) or passive. It can also be a cost-effective and environment-friendly way to produce hot water for your home. It almost always needs the presence of a backup system, commonly a conventional storage water heater. Also, the system may have one or two, where the backup heater is either merged with the solar storage in one tank or the solar water heater heat up the water before it enters the conventional water heater.

Here are some benefits of a solar water heater to your home.

Environmental Benefits
If you depend on traditional sources of power, the process of generating that power, polluting substances such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxides are delivered into the air. These substances aren’t only bad for your breathing because carbon dioxide emissions also trap heat in the earth’s upper atmosphere, contributing to what’s popularly known as the greenhouse effect. Solar water heaters don’t create any polluting energy byproducts or pollute since these systems depend on the sunshine for energy.

Long-Term Benefits
A great long-term benefit of installing a solar water heating system in your home is that you become instantly protected from future fuel shortages and price hikes, which can add a degree of economic security to your long-term finances. Adding a solar water system usually raises the resale value of an existing home, adding to the solvency of the entire investment.

There are so many ways how you can benefit from the addition of a solar water heater to your home for the years to come. These systems provide a wonderful alternative solution to some of the energy challenges we’re facing in our modern world.

Cost Benefits
When choosing a water heater, many people choose electric water heaters because of their low purchase price and easy installation. But beyond those initial outlays, this water heater is far from cost-effective and most likely will run up your electricity bill for the years to come. A solar water heater may be more expensive to purchase and install, but it can actually save you money in the long run since this type of system relies on an energy source that’s essentially free and endless — the sun. Many experts estimate that after the installation, solar water heaters can save a homeowner at least 50% (usually on water heating bills), allowing the system to eventually pay for itself. Additionally, there are often tax incentives or deductions available for energy efficiency upgrades that can help defray the initial costs. To see what’s currently available, consult your personal accountant or the IRS.

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