Small Changes, Huge Impact: Home Decor Tips

Small Changes, Huge Impact: Home Decor Tips

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Every now and then, you may feel that your house could use a little makeover to freshen up its look and make the different spaces more interesting as well as inviting. After all, you're in and out of the place every single day — you'll definitely feel it when your space seems to have lost some of its charm or magic for you, or when it doesn't get gushing reviews or lavish praise from guests when you're entertaining.

Of course, not every homeowner will have the resources to make major design overhauls, nor will they always be handy with tools and some crafts materials for a little DIY decor creation. However, that doesn't mean that you can't improve your interior spaces.

With a few thoughtful and strategic changes, you can add more personality, charm and life to your beloved home. Eager to find out how? Here are the top 4 small changes you can make to your home design that can create a big, beautiful impact:

Add an item that lend a dramatic sense of scale to a room. A once nondescript space can instantly become an unforgettable one with the simple introduction of an arresting piece of furniture or décor — something that is sure to catch the eye and will seem to command attention from everyone who walks in. It could be a huge, comfy sofa that seems to take up much of the space, or a big lampshade that draws the eyes toward the impressive ceiling.

Make your collections or hobbies take centrestage. One of the simplest ways to add personality and charm to your home is to let your passions shine through. You can adorn your desks or coffee tables with shells you collect during your frequent beach holidays. If you create sketches or doodles, use inexpensive picture frames and hang them all over your walls. These are great conversation starters and they give off a vibe that the place is home to someone who truly lives in the rooms.

Give small bathrooms a big pop of personality. Most people think that bathrooms or powder rooms are just there for people to pop in, do their business in, and get out of, but you can make a design statement in this small spaces that can give any guest a wonderful and memorable surprise. Infuse this space with your favourite colour, or hang an impressive art piece, or make it your special nook for preparing aromatherapy blends that will give everyone who comes in a wonderful sensory experience.

Let nature in. Lastly, one of the easiest ways to breathe new life into a room is to bring in a potted plant (or two, or more). Seeing lush green foliage or brightly coloured flowers always inspires people to take a deep breath, enjoy the fresh air, and feel a deeper sense of calm or openness. Position bigger potted plants at different corners of the room and distribute smaller ones on different tables and consoles, while hanging baskets of flowering plants can provide a lovely accent by your windows.

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