Skincare Essentials During Air Travel

Skincare Essentials During Air Travel

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Many people often fail to follow proper skin maintenance while travelling on planes. But it’s very important to keep your skin healthy during the journey. The problems your skin may have during the flight can be prevented with proper planning. Here are simple steps to to take care of your skin while in transit:

1. Makeup Removal
You need to remove all of your makeup as soon as you are in the plane. It’s recommended to use cleansing oil products as it nourishes and deep cleans your skin.

2. Moisture Spray
A refreshing mist spray can be used to prepare your skin for the next step, which is serums and masks application. The spray maintains hydration and rejuvenates your skin.

3. Serum Application
Apply an antioxidant serum to protect your skin from nasty free radical damage. Recycled cabin air contains very little oxygen and may dehydrate your skin.

4. Mask Application
Apply a face mask. You can try mask sheets that you don’t have to rinse and are lightweight and handy, making them easy to slip in your carry-on. But if you prefer to be discreet, try a sleeping mask that works like a moisturiser and doesn’t require any rinsing as well.

5. Rich Cream or Balm Before Sleeping
If you have a very long flight, apply a rich night cream or balm before you sleep. This will keep your skin moisturised and protect it from the dry cabin air. You can apply the balm right on top of the sleeping mask.

6. Hydration
Avoid alcohol and coffee, and opt for herbal tea and still water instead. Also, it’s better to avoid salty airplane food as it encourages water retention and puffiness.

7. Beauty Sleep
Sleep is very important for maintaining a flawless complexion. It will help your skin repair itself and recover, allowing you to feel refreshed once you wake up or arrive at your destination.

8. Travel-size Products
Keep your products into smaller containers, or you can simply purchase the travel-sized ones. You can find airline-approved sizes of almost any kind of beauty product these days. Also keep disposable wet wipes, just in case you need to clean your hands on board before implementing your beauty routine.

9. Skincare Adjustment
If you’re travelling to a colder climate region, you’ll need to bring high-moisturising products. For warmer places, opt for a lighter formulation. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen, regardless of your destination.

10. Body Lotion Addition
Apply moisturising body lotion or cream, and add body oil to enrich the formula and as an extra step to prevent skin dehydration. Once you’ve arrived and settled in your hotel room, try to sleep with the aircon off as it can cause skin dehydration. If you can’t turn it off, place a large bowl of water in the room to humidify the air.


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