Six Best Toys For Preschoolers

Six Best Toys For Preschoolers

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Playtime is not only fun and games, especially for toddlers. Playtime is also the perfect opportunity for parents to educate their young ones and enable their kids to develop various aspects of their selves, including their physical, mental and emotional capabilities.

However, it is important to point out that not all toys are created equal. Some are simply inappropriate for young children. As such, how do you choose the right type of toys to give to your preschooler?

Children aged between two and five years old are more likely to have developed their social skills and enjoy playing with their peers, siblings and even their parents. Ideally, the toys parents choose for their toddlers should reflect these. Here, it is beneficial to view toys as tools or props that can enhance the development of the imagination and cooperation of young ones.

On top of this, preschoolers have a better control of their motor skills as compared to younger kids. This influences their interest in engaging in activities that involve physical play.
Eye-hand coordination at this stage may also become more developed, making it a perfect time to introduce puzzles and construction toys to these kids.

Keeping all these mind, here are six of the best toys you can let your preschool kid play with.

Art supplies
Once a child reaches preschool age, he or she begins to form his or her own identity and requires an outlet for self-expression. And what better platform to do that than art? Through the creation of artistic masterpieces, a child can express himself while honing his innate creativity. Apart from that, lots of children enjoy getting their hands dirty.

You can start out by giving him markers, coloured pencils, clay and watercolours. Just make sure that these art materials are safe and non-toxic and that you supervise him to prevent him from making a big mess.

A person's love affair with books starts at a young age. And what's not to love about books?

At this stage, you'd want to build a mini-library with titles in wide ranging subject matters. Fiction books can help kindle your young one's imagination while non-fiction books about animals, dinosaurs and even world cultures can broaden his knowledge. At this point, your child may be more drawn to the images on the book. That is all right.

Puzzles can help your young one further develop his eye-hand coordination and even his focus and patience. These toys can also teach him about sizes and shapes.

Costumes and props
Toddlers love to play pretend, mimicking their mums and dads, their favourite cartoon characters or professionals like carpenters, nurses and doctors. Providing your kid with costumes and props can further enhance his imagination and creativity.

Musical instruments
A sizeable number of studies confirm that music contributes significantly to a child's development. Even better, a child who learns to play an actual musical instrument gets to reap several advantages over his peers who do not know how to play.

In order to entice your child to learn how to play an instrument, you can start off with simple ones like drums and xylophones. You can also introduce music to his life with toys that offer a combination of instruments and rhythms.

Building blocks
Building blocks may seem deceptively simple but they offer several benefits for youngsters. Through these toys, a child can hone his hand-eye coordination while learning about the concepts of size, colours and shapes. A child can also develop his creativity and imagination as he fashions different creations out of each individual block.


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