Six Benefits of Retaining Walls

Six Benefits of Retaining Walls

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Soil erosion si a homeowner’s nightmare. Wind, rain, and the natural pressure of a sloping soil damages your yard’s landscape. If you want to prevent soil erosion, you need to construct a retaining wall.

A retaining wall is basically a structure constructed to prevent soil erosion. But not only that, aside from preventing soil erosion, a retaining wall has other uses. Aesthetics is one of them.

Here are six other uses of retaining walls.


Just like any other practical home improvement projects, a retaining wall adds value to your property. An attractive rock wall addition to your garden is visually appealing and automatically adds character to the whole outdoor living space. All in all, if the yard is beautiful, then the value increases.


If you want to separate your yard’s flower and vegetable sections, erecting a wall in between is the way to go. Not only would it add versatility to your garden space, again it will prevent landscape destruction by preventing soil erosion.

Wide Array of Choices

When creating a retaining wall, not only can you choose from a wide variety of stones and other retaining wall materials, you can alo choose which method of construction you prefer. There are many ways to create a retaining wall. You may opt for a stone-filled mesh poplularly known as gabion wall; a dry stack wall (stones without mortar, for mobility) or the traditional stone and mortar wall. Of late, many homeowners are preferring to use eco friendly recycled products which is equally sturdy as stones.

Low Maintenance Cost

A well-constructed retaining wall requires almost no maintenance. Since the wall was created to stand the harshest of weather conditions, it seldom needs repair. Unless you used a dry-stack wall and planning to rearrange or move the walls around, your retaining wall is guaranteed to stand the test of time, making it a very wise investment.


A well-constructed sturdy wall can not only stand for decades, it can also stand weight. You can convert the top side of the wall into a flower bed. You may also put potted plants on top of your wall.


Of late, may homeowners are opting for eco-friendly retaining wall materials. Walls made of sustaiable eco-friendly materials are just as tough and sturdy as those using traditional materials. Aside from being equally sturdy, an environment-friendly walls fit in better with you home’s natral surrounings, and have less impact with the overall state of the environment.

Adding a retaining wall to your landscape is beautiful, durable and most important, affordable. Whether you need the wall to add value to your property or you need it simply to prevent erosion, constructing a wall might just be the ticket.


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