Single Room vs Central Air Conditioning: Which Should You Choose?

Single Room vs Central Air Conditioning: Which Should You Choose?

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If your home or apartment doesn’t have an air conditioner, depending on ceiling fans may not be enough to keep your family comfortable enough during the hottest season of the year. Single room and central air conditioning are the two most common ways to efficiently cool your home, and it’s critical to know the benefits of each and when one makes more sense than the other before you make a decision. Here are some information that will give you a good start in making a decision on what to choose between the two.

Single Room Air Conditioning
Single room air conditioning can be the perfect cooling solution if you only want to cool a family room or the bedrooms while you sleep at night. This type of air conditioning allows a fast and quite inexpensive installation into effectively any room in your home with a window.

When it comes to cost perspective, it can be an affordable way to cool down your family room or bedroom if you run only one or two air conditioning units in your home. This type of air conditioner is also the best affordable option for homeowners who have no plans to stay in their home for a long time and apartment renters who are incapable of getting their landlord to have a more expensive central air conditioning system.

Central Air Conditioning
If you’re looking for an air conditioning system which is a more energy efficient and affordable way to make your room cool fast and keep it the same temperature even when you’re not there, central air conditioning will solve your problem. This type of air conditioning system relies on a network of ducts to force the air from the equipment into each room. And because there are more parts involved when installing central air than single room air conditioning units, the installation can take longer, but it won’t ruin the visual appeal of every room in your home with the bulky window units.

The installation of this air conditioning system may cost several thousand dollars, especially if you don’t already have a ductwork. Anyway, if your cooling needs would require three or more individual bedroom units, this air conditioning type would be the perfect option for you. It can also save some energy power than having more than two single room units at once.

Decision Factor
The design of your home can help you determine what to choose between the two. In case you already have forced air heating in your home, the installation of central air conditioning system can be much less expensive.

Furthermore, a multi-story home with very limited space between may not have sufficient room for ductwork without a significant renovation. Since this installation is expensive, it may make more sense to choose single room air conditioning units.

To have a better idea of the cost of installing either system, you can get a few estimates from air conditioning contractors in Australia before making a decision.


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