Show Off a Picture Perfect Smile with These Tips

Show Off a Picture Perfect Smile with These Tips

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Your smile can make or break your photo. Fortunately, achieving a picture-perfect smile is a skill that anyone can learn. Here are some tips you can follow before and during events where there will most probably be plenty of picture-taking opportunities.


Check your teeth and gums.
Consult a dental expert if you have cracked, broken or missing teeth. Keep your gums in good shape by brushing, flossing and rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash every day.

Add sparkle.
Wet your teeth with water just before you have your photo taken.

Use a bronzer.
Dab some bronzer on your face to create a contrast between your skin tone and teeth, making your pearly whites appear brighter.

Pick the perfect lipstick.
Choose one that works best for your skin tone. Shades like cherry red, wine, berry, plum or rosy pink are the best choices. Blue-based or pink-based undertones will help hide yellow stains in your teeth. You can put lip gloss underneath your lipstick. Avoid colours like coral or orange, and shades that are too dark or too red, as they can make your smile less appealing.

Practice makes perfect.
Try out your smile in front of a mirror. Strike a natural, unforced smile, and play around with turning your head and finding your best angle. Relax your facial muscles and shoulders. If you're tense, gently rub your cheeks and forehead, then clench and relax your jaw a couple of times.


Stand up straight.
Don’t slouch. Make sure your head is not too forward, but aligned with the rest of your body.

Think happy thoughts.
A genuine smile is the best smile. Think of a fun memory or recent event, your friends, or your crush. Even an embarrassing story from your childhood can make you show off an authentic smile.

Be natural.
Smile gently so your face will look relaxed. By doing so, your mouth will open slightly and your lower lip will match the curve of your upper teeth.

Know your angles.
Tilt your head as you pose for photos. Most people don’t have perfect symmetry in their faces or smiles, so you may get a more flattering angle if you’re not facing the camera straight on.

Adjust your eyes.
Try widening your eyes a little, and raising your eyebrows.

Go for a toothy smile.
If you have a full-bodied upper lip, show off a little bit of your teeth when smiling. If you have a thin upper lip, smile in a way that allows the bottom edges of your upper teeth touch your lower lip.

Smile according to your face shape.
A longer, more vertical face looks better if you emphasise the horizontal aspect of the teeth. A wider smile will help a square face appear more oval and balance out a heart-shaped face.

You don’t need to be a supermodel in order to get a picture-perfect smile. Just follow these tips and see what happens. As always, the perfect smile depends on healthy teeth. Consult a dental expert to improve your smile.


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