Shopping for Laundry Tubs? Make Sure to Consider These Factors

Shopping for Laundry Tubs? Make Sure to Consider These Factors

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Unlike kitchen or bathroom sinks, laundry sinks are deeper and can be filled with a huge volume of water, making these suitable for soaking and hand washing clothes, cleaning tools, and giving pets a bath.

Choosing among countless available laundry tubs or sinks is not a straightforward process. With so many options to choose from, you need to account for a few important factors before settling on a final unit.

What are these factors that you need to consider?

Installation type
Installation type will depend on both your needs and available space in your laundry or utility room. Ideally, your choice of laundry tub should fit your long term use of the utility room.

Drop-in, self-rimming or over-mount tubs are installed into the space cut in the countertop. The whole basin is positioned below the counter while the rims remain on top.

Undermount tubs are installed under a counter with the countertop completely covering the edges of the sink. This makes it easier for you to wipe the basin.

Wall-mounted and floor standing tubs are installed separately from the countertop. These tubs help minimise the chances of getting the countertop dirty.

Portable laundry tubs can be taken anywhere these are needed—even outdoors.

Laundry sinks come in a variety of materials. In choosing a material for your tub, your main consideration would be the sink's primary use.

Laundry sinks may be made of acrylic, cast iron, stainless steel and ceramic.

Use of the sink
Take into account what would be the main purpose of the utility sink. The needs of a single person will greatly differ from the needs of a family of five.

Typically, utility sinks are installed for convenience, allowing you to do practical things like rinsing soiled clothes or items that can only be hand washed. However, laundry sinks are quite versatile and can be used for other tasks like washing the mop or giving Fido a bath.

In choosing a size for your laundry tub, you should also take into account how you will use it. If the sink will be used primarily for small jobs, you should not purchase a big sink. You also have to consider how much space is available in the area where the sink will be installed. It is either you make do with what available room you have in the laundry or utility area or opt for a big sink and move things around.

The right laundry tub boosts the efficiency of your household. Discover your options from here.


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