Shoe Shopping Tips: How to Buy a Pair of Basketball Sneakers

Shoe Shopping Tips: How to Buy a Pair of Basketball Sneakers

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Buying the latest signature shoes from today's hoop stars won't instantly transform your game. In order to truly elevate your game, you need to pay your dues and work hard on and off the court.

However, buying a good pair of basketball shoes can help minimise the chance of you getting injured while helping boost traction.

If you are eyeing to buy a pair of basketball shoes, here are a few important things to remember.

Have your foot measured
Take advantage of the measuring devices used in shoe shops. You may think that you know your foot size but do remember that feet can grow. Knowing your actual foot size will help you find a good pair that fits well.

Three basic styles
Basketball shoes can be categorized into three basic styles, each offering their advantages and disadvantages.

First, you have high tops, which players who want good, solid ankle support choose. These offer good stability as well. However, they can be quite heavy because of the amount of materials used.

Mid-tops are shorter than high tops and offer a decent amount of ankle support. These sneakers are often worn by newbies and all-around players.

Low-tops are preferred by players who possess speed and quickness. Of the three basic styles, these are the lightest. They also do not offer ankle support.

What's your playing style?
Another important factor that you need to consider before buying a pair of sneakers is your playing style. Here are three of the most common playing styles and the best shoes that fit these.

Speed players want to capitalize on their speed and quickness and would want a lightweight pair of shoes to help achieve that goal. Most players who belong to this category opt for low-tops.

Power players work near the low post, relying on their strength and height. For these players, they need shoes that provide stability and cushioning. Often, power players wear high-tops and mid-tops which may be heavy but do not adversely affect their playing styles.

The all-around player can work on the low post, slash to the basket or even rain down perimeter shots. These players require shoes that offer flexibility, cushioning and support, which mid-tops can provide.

Don’t forget to fit the shoes
Whatever your playing style is or whatever type of shoes you prefer, it is important to try and fit the shoes before actually buying them. Do not simply ask for the shoes that match the size of your feet. You'd want to walk around and even perform lateral movements to gauge comfort and fit. If the fit is awful, expect that to worsen when you are actually playing on-court.


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