Shaving Tips for Ladies

Shaving Tips for Ladies

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For many women, shaving is an important part of good grooming. To maintain clean, smooth skin, it is often necessary to shave on a daily basis. However, it can be time consuming and tedious. And if you don’t practice good shaving techniques, it can lead to serious skin problems and major health and beauty issues.

Historical documents and artifacts reveal that as early as 5,000 B.C., women were using substances to remove unwanted hair in their body. The Egyptians promoted the “hairless” look, which they believed served hygienic purposes and can stop the spread of some diseases. Meanwhile, Roman women used of pumice stones and razor to remove hair from specific body parts.

Today, women have access to various tools and products that make shaving easier and safer. You can buy disposable razors, depilatory creams and hot wax to shave at home. You can go to spas and salons for a wide range of hair removal services, including the more advanced techniques such as laser hair removal.

If you would rather do shaving at home, consider the following tips on how to shave properly:

1. For the armpit, it is always a must to exfoliate first. This also applies for any area of the body. You can buy over-the-counter exfoliating body wash. Or simply get a washcloth and use it as exfoliator. This will remove dead skin cells. It is also best to shave your armpit at night. This applies especially during summer. Avoid going to the beach or applying strong lotions and creams on your skin when it’s newly shaved to avoid irritation.

2. For the legs, the first step is to soak your legs in water for a couple of minutes before shaving. Then, put on shaving gel or cream while your legs are still damp. This will help the razor to slide smoothly on your skin. Do not attempt to shave your legs when it is dry as this will cause a burning feeling . You may start from your ankles, then move upwards. After shaving, wash off your legs and put on some moisturizer.

3. For the bikini area, extra precaution must be made. First ask yourself if shaving is really the only option. If not, trim first. For some ladies, they do it step-by-step; that is they trim first before shaving. Once the area is clean, apply shaving gel. This is a very important step. The skin around the bikini area is sensitive, so it is a must to apply a gel to let the razor glide smoothly. Lastly, do not forget to moisturize after shaving.


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