Services Offered by a Funeral Director

Services Offered by a Funeral Director

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Funeral directors have an important role of handling all the arrangements for a funeral, allowing the grieving relatives and friends to properly acknowledge the passing of their loved one.

Many intricate arrangements must be made before a departed person can be laid to rest, and this is where a funeral director's services are needed. The funeral director is the main contact between the next of kin and the cemetery, hospital morgue, religious figure and any others concerned. Funeral homes will also provide a chapel or any other appropriate place to host the service, as required according to spiritual or cultural needs. Alternatively, the funeral director can organise for the service to be held at the departed person's church or place of worship. The funeral director can provide a private room or gathering place for visitation — often referred to as a wake and sometimes held a day or two before the service, especially if relatives and friends must travel a long distance, or are elderly.

The funeral director will look after all the paper works (including death notices, certificates, funeral notices), will organise the transfer of the departed person and the hearse of the funeral, can supply wreaths and flowers, and can provide transport for the immediate family to the service and funeral. The funeral service can reflect the departed person's religious or spiritual beliefs and can be a traditional service, an outside gathering in a natural setting, or a celebration of the departed person's life. A graveside service can be provided and special requests are catered for, such as the release of butterflies or doves, or so many coloured balloons. The funeral director can organise a memorial, be it a simple tombstone or an elaborate family crypt, and arrange future burial sites so loved ones can be next to each other.


Following a cremation, ash scattering can be arranged, perhaps in the air, at sea, at a favourite golfing course or fishing spot. The family often keep ashes in a small urn. The funeral director will also ensure that permission has been obtained from authorities as necessary.

As a guide to funeral costs, a basic cremation starts about $3,000 and funeral ranges from $4,5000 to $10,000 and above, depending on the timber used for the coffin. The funeral director can organise online tributes where family and friends can post messages, photos, music, and videos. Most funeral directors now offer prepaid funeral plans, so it is not a financial burden on those left behind. Some of the larger funeral directors also offer after-care programs and services to help grieving relatives and friends once the funeral service is over. Activities include special memorial services on Father's Day or Mother's Day and at Christmas. They may also provide information on "dealing with grief" topics, and counselling services.

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