Security Matters: Top 4 Garage Door Locks

Security Matters: Top 4 Garage Door Locks

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Your garage – specifically your garage door – is a potential weak link for your home security. If you haven’t upgraded to a new modern lock within the last five years, put it on your home improvements to-do list right now.

Across Australia, many break-ins occur through garage doors so here’s a simple tip list to find out how to improve garage door security at home.

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Next, get to know the top 4 types of locks to enhance security and suit your garage door.

1. Electronic locks
As cutting-edge products of modern technology, electronic locks work by different types of authentication, such as passwords or SIMS, magnetic swipes, biometrics (fingerprint, voice or retinal scans) or RFID. With some electronic locks, operations can be remotely monitored and controlled. This is all part of the growing demand for Smart House technology.

Electronic locks are among the most sophisticated and expensive locks and certainly highly secure. Adding an electronic lock to your garage door would work in synch with a full home security access system. Find your nearest stockist/installer of electronic garage locks here.

2. Keyless digital locks
Accessed by an authentic device or security code, doors only open via wireless entry keypad. These locks aren’t susceptible to picking or ‘jimmying’ as most mechanical locks are, and offer a very high level of security. A number of keyless entry locks are made by Lockwood, the leading Australian lock manufacturer, distributed Australia-wide by qualified locksmiths.

Children coming and going? A personal PIN is a great way for them to enter a digitally secure garage without a key. For greater Sydney, look into digital locks with entry keypad.

3. Garage door deadbolts or deadlocks
A respected traditional lock is a deadlock (or deadbolt), operating in two styles — single cylinder and double cylinder. Single cylinder garage deadbolts need a key to operate from the outside and open with a knob from the inside. Double cylinder deadbolts require a key to be used on both the inside and the outside of the door.

Deadbolt-style locks are much tougher for thieves to overcome than the spring-style lock that’s prevalent on many garage doors. Deadlocks are highly recommended for home security on all entry points: garage doors, external doors, windows and screen doors.

4. T-handle locks
T-handle locks (or L-handle locks) with keys are most commonly used on metal roller garage doors and tilt or panel lift doors. Affordable and relatively easy to install, T-handle locks are an economical security option available with fixed KA keys (keyed alike) or KD keys (keyed different) with each lock opening only by its own unique key.

T-locks are available online or through retail hardware stores and with their Lock Barrel mechanisms, are fairly simple to DIY a lock into your garage door. But for professional results and security, Top4 recommends contacting a professional garage lock installer.

Additional security
An effective garage door lock is a good place to start, but you may want to consider additional security measures such as alarms, intercoms, camera systems or lighting solutions. Browse through the extensive network of Top4 home security specialists.

Consider all options for your garage door with the help of garage door experts in Australia today.


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