Secrets to Better Looking Photos Of You

Secrets to Better Looking Photos Of You

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In the recent past, people take photographs to remember special occasions or to mark special moments. Not anymore. Good quality cameras have become more affordable and easier to operate. Plus, you no longer need to print photos in order to show them to people – you can now share picture instantly after taking the shot, with just one tap or a single click.

As a result, you are now able to take photos anytime and anywhere you want, literally. And so photos today capture not just the special events, but even the mundane, ordinary scenes in life. In this culture wherein anyone can just whip out a camera for no reason at all, you have to be photo-ready at all times, if you care how you look in every photograph.

But the simple truth is some people are photogenic while others are not. This doesn’t have anything to do with how you look in person; there are individual whose features are just captured right or are look even better on camera. So how do you look good if not presentable all the time?

The good news is that there are certain picture-taking techniques that you can use to make every image of you work in your favour. Some of these are adapted from the trade secrets of supermodels and professional photographers. Get to know some of these techniques and make your next selfie shine.

Look at the mirror and flash that smile. Strike various poses in different angles and see which ones show your best features. Remember that not all smiles are the same – aside from the megawatt full grin, there’s also the half-smile, the smile with teeth visible, close-lipped smile, and so on. Practice and get ready to flash your most flattering and natural-looking expression for your next photo.

Do prep work. Don’t be caught unprepared the next time you attend an event that will call for lots of picture taking. Whether it’s a party, a presentation, a picnic or a meet-up with a selfie-obsessed friend, take time to consider your clothing and makeup that looks best on-cam. Have a dress rehearsal and see which colours flatter your skin tone. Choose plain coloured material instead of patterned, and wear outfits with structure (such as belted tops) instead of slouchy clothing. Learn makeup tricks to come up with a natural, “no make-up” look.

Face the light. When your picture is taken, stand or sit in an area where you are facing the light source. This light direction will brighten your face, cleaning out shadows and blurring fine lines and blemishes. The result is a youthful, fresher, more attractive profile pic for you.

It’s all about the angle. Do what celebrities on the red carpet do: They never face the paparazzi straight on. Instead, they position their body in a three-quarter angle. They don’t stand with feet together, but rather with one knee bended or one leg a little bit out front. Some do a little pivot and place their hands on their hip. This little move has a slimming effect and showcases your curves in the best manner. Taking a selfie? Never do it with the phone lower than your face. Always angle the camera so your eyes turn a bit upwards.


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