Screen Door: A DIY Installation Guide

Screen Door: A DIY Installation Guide

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A screen door is a perfect addition to your home. Although it provides some protection during the winter months, you can really enjoy its benefits during summertime. Cool air and light can flow into your home and annoying pests are kept outside. Installing a screen door is an ideal project for a beginner DIY individual as it’s simple and doesn't require much time. Here are some steps you can follow when installing a screen door on your property.

Decide how it will open.
You have to decide which direction the door will open. If possible, you should try and have the screen handle match up with the main door handle. Doing this will make it much more natural when opening the screen door and then the main door. However, this isn't possible at all times. Sometimes, the screen door is blocked by a lamp or a wall and you may have to consider having the door open from the other side.

Fit the door.
Let's assume that you've already purchased the size of the screen door, lay it into the opening of the frame. Make slight adjustments if you have to, so that it sits dead centre and that there’s an identical distance from top to bottom and both sides. It may be convenient to have somebody else hold the door while you stand back and check it. While in this position, use a pencil or a marker to mark the areas where hinges will go.

Drill the hinges.
The only problem you’ll encounter at this stage is if you fit the hinges the wrong way. Before drilling them into place, check if the door swings out and not in. When done, put the door back in the frame so you can mark the door jamb where the hinges will go. Use the provided screws to tighten the hinges into place. First, fix the bottom screw of the hinge, adjust the door if needed and then drill in the next screw.

Install the hand and closer.
The next thing to do is to install the screen door handle. This is usually quick and easy, as the screws will be provided with the door. Once the handle is installed, test the door to make sure it swings correctly. Lastly, if your screen door came with an automatic door closer, install them too. It’s simply a matter of positioning the closer at the top corner of the door. One part is connected to the wall and another part is connected to the door.

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