Save Money And Make The Most Of Your Trip To The Clothing Store

Save Money And Make The Most Of Your Trip To The Clothing Store

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It cannot be controlled — this urge to buy everything when you find yourself in any retail store. It could get “dangerous” when you bring your credit card (or credit cards) along and you have nothing else to do for the rest of the day. And it may happen often enough that your closets will start to look like a hoarder’s storage and your bills will get thicker.

How do you stop the buying?

For starters, there is no need to stop your spending altogether when you’re in a clothing store. That solution is too extreme; there are ways to go into a store and not spend a fortune.

Here’s how to be a savvy shopper:

Do your homework and choose your store carefully.

Granted, part of the fun in heading to clothing stores is discovering great ones. But this is only ideal when you have unlimited budget and unlimited time at the mall. Instead of wandering around the mall, finding clothing stores at random, you can find the right stores by going online.

This preparation for your trip to the clothing store will clue you in on which ones are having clearance or seasonal sales.

Learn the layout — and be a master shopper.

Here’s something you might not know about: retail store owners generally put the more expensive pieces in the middle of the store because most people automatically go to the centre of the shop. Meanwhile, last season’s items and other marked down items are put in the back or the perimetre of the store.

Go to the clothing store early.

Some people enjoy the ruckus of big seasonal sales when just about every other man, woman, and child is in the store grabbing something off the shelf. Jockeying with other buyers to get the same heavily discounted piece might be a thrill for some, but really, why get the aggravation?

Visiting any clothing store should be a relaxing and stress­free experience. You should have enough time to walk around the store, picking items you’ll like, and not worry about other buyers going for the same thing. By going in early in the morning, on a weekday, your trip to the clothing store will be more pleasant.

Make a list of basic items — the kind you’ll actually wear.

The trick to sticking to your budget is to have a list of things you’ll be getting. While trendy pieces can be tempting, control the urge and instead be smart about the pieces you get.

What basic pieces do you always wear: white shirt, pencil skirt, blue jeans, black jacket, etc.? Think about it and list it down. This way, you resist the urge to buy a frivolous item and build a good wardrobe that will not mess up your closet.


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