Safety Tips in the Zoo

Safety Tips in the Zoo

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Most children have a strong relationship with animals. They like to look at, touch and play with animals. This is one of the main reasons why the local zoo becomes a nice destination during holidays.

However, parents must always prioritize their kids’ safety when going to the are some useful tips to keep in mind while visiting a zoo with children.

1. Obey to zoo safety rules. The zoo is home for many wild animals. They are kept in their cages for their safety and of the zoo visitors. To maximize the security, zoo safety rules are also clearly printed out in the brochures and signs which are placed strategically all over the places. Generally, zoo visitors are not allowed to go near animal cages, put their body parts into cages or climb over animal enclosures. Following these zoo safety rules at all the times.

2. Avoid feeding the animals. Teach your kids not to feed the zoo animals. They may bite and attack a child who is trying to feed them. Another reason is that zoo animals are on special diets and should only be fed by the zookeepers. Food from elsewhere may contain harmful substance that can make them sick.

3. Keep your eyes on the children. All the times. Do not let children run around on their own. This is particularly important if there is a big crowd at the zoo. Children may get lost and separated easily from their parents if they are not watched closely. Parents may want to invest in some kind of children’s leash or strap to make sure they don’t wander off. Parents can also use a permanent marker to write down their mobile number on their kids’ arms or tagged it on their wristband, so that zoo staffs can contact the parents if they find a lost child.

4. Ensure good hygiene after touching the animals. Some zoos also have open areas where the visitors can go in with an animal trainer. While this is often exciting for kids, direct contact with these animals can also spread harmful germs to them. To ensure good hygiene after touching the wildlife, teach the kids not to touch their own face, eyes, nose and mouth. Never put a pacifier in the children’s mouth while interacting with the animals. Get the kids to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water afterwards. Know where the closest wash basins, even before letting the children go near the animals. A non-rinse hand sanitizer will be very handy.

5. Eat only at suitable eating areas. The worst thing a child can do is eating while playing with the animals. Parents should keep foods and drinks out of animal areas. Wait to eat lunch or snacks until the family can find a suitable eating area, especially one with a wash basin. Wash their hands thoroughly before eating.

Going to the zoo with children can be fun. The fun might be doubled if we can stay safe and prevent any unnecessary incidents.

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