Rethinking Common Interior Design Myths

Rethinking Common Interior Design Myths

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People have been designing and decorating homes for as long as anyone can remember. Not only does this practice ensure that a living space is optimised for function and versatility, but it also helps make it pleasing to the eye and comfortable to be in. Set up in accordance to timeless design rules, any room in any house can be beautifully inspired — and inspiring, as well.

But should these "rules" truly remain so, leaving little or no room for a little modification or flair from the designer or even the homeowner himself? If you're feeling a bit adventurous, here are five ways that you can go against the norm and still come home to a well-designed property.

1. Small space, huge potential
Filling small nooks with equally small furnishings will not make the space look or feel larger. Try incorporating multipurpose furniture which may be large or moderately sized, yet serve more than one function (e.g., as storage space and partition) to make a room feel more spacious than it actually is.

2. Dark, but not dreary
Most design experts favour lighter paint colours to make a room feel airy and bright, but deep and dark hues can make a room inviting, too. Paint the foyer red to greet visitors with a pop of personality, an oddly shaped attic bedroom wall navy blue to highlight its unique shape, and a petite bathroom's wall black to command attention.

3. A touch of colour to the ceiling
It's said that a ceiling should always be white to open up a room. But if you add colour to this "fifth wall," you can help draw visitors' eyes upward and make the room feel and look bigger.

4. Mixing up patterns
Sticking to a single pattern all throughout a room isn't helping your space look its best. Try choosing a dominant pattern, like a bold striped floor, in your living room, and then adding little pops of various other ones like gingham, paisley and florals to the throw pillows.

5. Say goodbye to the couch
Most design books show a couch in every single living room photo, but there's no reason to go traditional in this case. Why not put a daybed along with two armless chairs in your living room, or four single armchairs arranged around a coffee table? This is a great idea if you or your guests prefer having your own seat instead of being squished between other people in the middle of a couch.


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