Rental Decor Decorum – Do's and Don'ts Every Tenant Should Know

Rental Decor Decorum – Do's and Don'ts Every Tenant Should Know

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You've signed the lease agreement. Your landlord has handed over the keys to your new home. Now you're thinking that it's time to customise your new digs and make it reflect your personal taste and style.

But before you do so, it is worthwhile to read these rental decor do's and don'ts to prevent possible mishaps and misunderstandings between you and your landlord.

Do ask permission from your landlord
Before embarking on a mission to personalise your apartment, condominium unit or house, it is crucial to speak and negotiate with your landlord regarding what you can and can't do when it comes to decorating.

Some landlords are lenient, as long as you pick up the tab. However, most landlords would like to keep their rental units as basic as possible to attract the broadest possible number of prospective tenants. Negotiate and make sure that everything is put into writing before you proceed.

Know where to scrimp and where to splurge
It is highly likely that you are going to stay at your apartment for just a few years. Afterwards, you might want to move into a bigger space in order to meet your changing needs. As such, it is highly recommended that you find a happy medium between premium and affordable decor.

Consider hunting bargains on secondhand furniture from flea markets, garage sales or even online. With your savings on furniture, you can splurge on decor and accessories.

Caveat emptor
If you are eyeing secondhand furniture, especially upholstered pieces, make sure that these are thoroughly cleaned in order to prevent bedbugs from entering your home.

Splurge on accessories
If you are going to invest money in sprucing up your new space, spend most of it on curtains, rugs, lighting and new hardware. These may seem like small tweaks but they can go a long way in making your new home truly your own. Just remember that if you are planning to swap the old fixtures for new ones, you should store those old ones and put them back into place before you move out.

Keep natural wood as is
It may be tempting to paint the baseboards and crown moldings with your favourite colours, but don't unless you have the express permission of your landlord.

Avoid using wallpaper
If you are planning to use wallpapers on your apartment's walls, consider otherwise. You'll only have a difficult time removing these. Plus, you'll leave a large mess that will put you in bad graces with your landlord. Opt for decals or wallpaper that can be easily peeled off.

Invest in storage
If space is a valued commodity in your home, you can regain valuable real estate with proper use of storage. Invest in shelves, liquor carts and corner tables which can serve as storage and help you highlight the best features of your home.

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