Removalists’ Tips: A Handy Packing Checklist When Moving

Removalists’ Tips: A Handy Packing Checklist When Moving

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Moving from one place to another involves several different tasks. Looking for a new house or apartment to move into, making logistical arrangements, scheduling the cancellation of services and subscriptions, and preparing the necessary documents and finances are all quite time-consuming. But perhaps, the most tedious aspect of moving to a different location is packing up all your possessions and transporting them to your destination.

Of course, with careful planning and organised execution, packing for the move can become a more efficient activity. To help you get started on the quickest and easiest packing method possible, provided below is a checklist that can guide you through the process.

1. Get your materials ready.
Packing up your things means putting them into containers and securing them for the trip ahead, so you will need to be armed accordingly. Here are common things that you will need:

· Cartons/boxes
· Large rubbish bags
· Bubble wrap
· Tape
· Scissors
· Screwdrivers
· Markers
· Labels
· Allan keys
· Butcher paper

2. Start packing items that won't be regularly used.
The first things that you should put away are things such as books, seasonal clothing and equipment, collections, appliances, decor and other items which you won't be immediately using (or using at all) once you arrive at the new house.

3. Set aside items that can be given away, donated or thrown out as you go along.
There's no rule saying you should bring everything inside the house with you during the move. This is a great opportunity to whittle down your belongings and discard things that you can dispose of, reducing the load you need to transport.

4. Pack specific items as required.
You need to make sure that your possessions are kept secure and protected from damage throughout the trip to the new house. You can get this done by packing each item according to its particular packing requirements.

· Furniture should be dismantled, for example; take out all shelving, drawers and clothes on hangers, or if you're keeping them inside, make sure to securely shut the doors and drawers with enough tape.
· Appliances that use water (refrigerators, washers, driers, stoves, etc.) should be unplugged, cleaned and dried several days before being packed and loaded into a truck.
· Electronic devices must be packed in their original individual boxes.
· Lightbulbs should be removed from lampshades and stored in a box marked "Fragile."
· Wrap framed paintings, posters, antiques and breakable items in bubble wrap.
· Make sure all your desktop or laptop computers are backed up before they are packed.

5. Label each container properly.
That means labelling each box according to contents, the room they will be placed in at the new house, and whether there are fragile items inside. This helps you know exactly where everything is.

6. Make a list of all the boxes and containers and their contents, and list the order in which they should be loaded into the moving truck.
This way, the boxes deep inside the truck will contain the least used items, while the boxes closest to the door will contain the things you need to access right away.


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