Relaxing While Taking a Bath

Relaxing While Taking a Bath

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Once in a while, try relaxing while you’re taking a bath. After bath time, you’ll feel refreshed not just on the outside, but also on the inside.

If you live alone, put the answering machine on or unplug the telephone. Otherwise, find a convenient time and let everyone know that you’re not to be interrupted for, say, half an hour. If you have the place for yourself during the day, why not indulge in a luxurious afternoon soak? Treat yourself to some big, thick, fluffy towels and a bathrobe to snuggle into.

Make sure the room is warm, light some candles and turn off the overhead light. Listen to the sounds in the garden – or play a tape to create the scene. Put a cassette of sea sounds or atmospheric relaxation music. For fragrance, use a scented candle or some aromatherapy oil in a burner.

Now’s the time to cleanse your skin, smooth on some moisturiser or a facepack if you like and check if the body lotion is at hand when you step out. Add your favourite indulgences – foam bath under a running tap, essential oil just as you get in, a splash of your favourite cologne or a herbal treat you’ve made yourself. Then slip into the water and relax. This is a lovely time to do a foot-to-head relaxation or some affirmations.

Body heat
Water is said to have the most relaxing effects at body temperature. If you don’t have a thermometer, aim for a temperature at which you can’t really tell if your hand’s in the water or not when you test it. At first, it may seem unpleasantly tepid, but persevere for at least ten minutes, topping up with hot water to keep the temperature constant.

Otherwise, enjoy a warm bath rather than steaming. It’s healthier, kinder to the skin, and more relaxing – very hot water has an exhausting effect.

Shower in a forest
- A shower can be a very relaxing experience too, particularly if you put on a cassette of woodland or rainforest sounds.
- Smooth shower gel all over your body, then close your eyes and imagine yourself strolling through a jungle under tropical rainfall.
- Visualise all your tension seeping out onto your skin like dust and being washed away. Lift your face up and enjoy the water flowing all over your skin.
- Imagine stepping out of the trees beside a waterfall where the air’s full of sparkling drops. Turn the shower on stronger as your visualise entering the waterfall, thinking of scenes like this in films with you as the heroine.
- Feel the water carrying all your stresses away.

- If you don’t have a separate loo (with washbasin), it’s worth putting that on your list of priorities next time you move home. As well as easing rush-hour pressure on the busiest room, it means no one has to use the bathroom while you’re relaxing in it.
- Keep the cassette player a safe distance from any water.

If you’re looking for a place where you can relax, visit one of these spa centres in Australia.


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