Raise Your Child as a Reader: A Know-How Guide

Raise Your Child as a Reader: A Know-How Guide

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Reading is a great way to learn new things. Get to know how to raise your child as someone who loves to read through these tips.

Start when your child is still in the womb.
Let your child listen to Western classical music by placing headphones against your tummy. Classical symphonies have a highly beneficial effect on the forming mind. Read aloud so your child in the womb will hear you.

Have bookshelves in your house.
If your children see a wide range of books and can see each title at a glance, they will be more likely to pick up one and read it. Place books in different rooms.

Consider other reading materials.
Subscribe to magazines that you enjoy and with content suitable for a child. Direct your child to the kid's section of family-oriented magazines so they can do the puzzles, enter the competitions, and read while doing so. Teach your child how to read newspapers so your child will be aware of what’s happening outside of your family circle. Consider including e-books and audio books.

Read yourself.
If you’re a reader, your child will most likely be a reader. Try reading at certain times during the day, such as at midday sitting in the sun, or by a warm fire, or in bed, or before breakfast.

Read to and with your child.
Read a good bedtime story to your child. Make this a daily habit. Get your child to read a sentence as you continue what you’re reading. This makes them feel a part of the learning process.

Give books as gifts.
Books that are given for a special occasion or reason will become a special memory and will be long treasured. Write a loving message in the front page. Give books you loved when you were a child so your child’s knowledge of different literature from different eras will be broadened.

Spend time in the library together.
Let your child choose books to read and borrow, and encourage your child to explore the library and enjoy all of the activities it offers. Teach children how to be responsible with library books.

Don’t pressure your child.
When your child isn’t interested in a certain book, just put it away. Try to read to children what they’re most interested in, but also introduce new books all the time. Consider casually leaving interesting books lying around to get them enthused without pressuring them.

Be sensitive to your child’s changing interests.
As children age, focus on bringing books into the house that reflect their growing interests. Encourage their curiosity in finding answers to questions they might have. This will often lead them to books on the subject and further encourage the reading habit. If your child is bilingual or shows interest in other cultures, read books in other languages as well.

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