Quick n’ Easy Bathroom Refresh Ideas

Quick n’ Easy Bathroom Refresh Ideas

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Improving the look and function of your bathroom offers multiple benefits. The right bathroom makeover can add value to your property. It can make the bathroom not just a functional, but a relaxing space as well. It can make your daily routines more efficient. And it can improve the overall aesthetics of your home.

Many homeowners today are prepared to make bigger investments in terms of time and money for bathroom remodels, upgrades and improvements. If you’re interested in elevating your bathroom but may not yet have the time, money or inclination for a serious change, a quick bathroom refresh is just right for you.

Here are some quick, easy and fun ways to uplift the appearance and functionality of your bathroom:

Choose one big change. A single but stunning statement change can instantly perk up the look of your toilet and bath. Just look for one single item that you can replace. It may be buying a new sink, retiling the floor or adding a glass shower enclosure. Sticking to one big-ticket item keeps the project efficient and gives you (almost) instant gratification.

Update your organization system. Sometimes, it’s clutter that’s holding your bathroom back from looking its best. But you just can’t simply get rid of your toiletries, grooming equipment, cleaning supplies and other odds and ends that belong to that room. Here’s a solution: invest in a new storage and shelving system. Install new shelves. Bring in cabinets. Change you vanity. Add baskets, hampers and hooks. All these can make the room look cleaner, fresher and better.

Go for the small details. A small but smart change can bring a huge impact. For instance, consider replacing your hardware. Make your toilet handle, sink and shower all gold. Or change your doorknob, cabinet pull, drawer handles and towel racks into a new set with a different colour or finish.

Just paint it. Applying a new colour, pattern or treatment to the walls can give instant new appeal to your bathroom. You can repaint the entire space, or just choose one statement wall you can focus on. Add a bold or glossy colour. Go dark or bring light. Play with patterns, or even have a mural painted in there.

Add art. Who says art only belongs in the living room? Perhaps the one thing that’s missing in your bathroom is some visual art. If you’re worried about the moisture and steam ruining the artwork, look for inexpensive alternatives. Posters, reprints, photographs, graphic prints or even images ripped out from the pages of magazines, encased in a nice frame, can bring much-needed va-voom to your bathroom.


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