Quick Guide on 4 Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Quick Guide on 4 Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

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In today’s world, the quest for solutions to combat the ageing process seems never ending. Here are some of the popular cosmetic surgery procedures being performed to fight against the ageing process.

Eyelid Rejuvenation
Eyelid rejuvenation (blepharoplasty) is a procedure involving the removal of excess skin and/or fat tissue around the eye. The procedure comes in two variations: the upper bleph and lower bleph. Upper or lower blephs can be performed individually, although it isn’t uncommon to perform both during the same procedure. Although the procedure only involves the removal of small amounts of tissue, the difference it can make to your face is incredible, providing that the treatment is performed well.

Nose Shaping
Nose shaping (rhinoplasty) is one of the most well-recognised cosmetic surgery procedures today. Along with breast augmentations and facelifts, it’s one of the flagship procedures of the industry. When this procedure is performed well, it can totally transform a person, not only aesthetically but emotionally. It can help someone with an aesthetically challenged nose to recover from low self-esteem.

This procedure does not only transform one’s natural shape, but it is also highly effective for repairing bumps and bends that have occurred from injury. It’s commonly employed to assist with breathing difficulties through the nasal airways. The art of nose shaping is considered one of the most difficult cosmetic procedures to master.

For many years, over-the-top facelifts have been famous among Hollywood celebrities. When performed badly, facelifts look absolutely horrible. But when done correctly and in harmony with your age and facial features, it can be very difficult to spot the difference.

Humble facelift (meloplasty or rhytidectomy) has a primary goal of improving facial skin by restoring the beauty of youthful contours, removing or repositioning excess fat and tightening facial muscles and skin. Facelifts can be performed alone but are quite commonly combined with other procedures, such as a brow lift, eyelid rejuvenation or even a nose job. Facelifts are most commonly undertaken by patients between ages 40 and 65. This surgery can correct most of this but keep in mind it will not stop the clock, but will only turn it back a few revolutions. Factors such as smoking, narcotic and alcohol abuse, and one’s individual genetics can greatly speed up this process.

Ribbons and Threads
Ribbons, needles and threads are the primary components used to create an almost non-surgical facelift. By utilising these tools, lifting saggy jowls to restore a defined jawline or uplifting the midface area to revive sunken cheeks can be achieved.

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