Protecting your furniture from pets

Protecting your furniture from pets

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Published by TOP4 Team

Pets are adorable. Us pet owners love our pets dearly, most of the time treating them as parts of our families, letting them relax on our favorite sofas, rugs, dressers, etc. And often, pets know no boundaries or exceptions when it comes to our favorite furniture.

As much as we love our pets, we also love our furniture and sometimes, pets just don’t seem to understand that there are basic rules when it comes to our home fixtures. Here are some of the things that we can do to protect our furniture from damages done by our loved ones.

The first line of defense is prevention. In case of carpets, fabrics and leather, a fabric protector spray works best. It prevents soiling by making it easy for us to wipe the stains. There are several types of fabric protectors which work best in different types of surfaces, be it leather or carpet.

The lingering odor of urine is simply intolerable. It seeps deep into the fabric and into the core of the material. Pet owners must act quickly before the urine begins to dry. Right after the incident, use a paper towel to dry out the excess fluid quickly. Apply generous amount of water into the stained area and wipe the excess fluid with a paper towel. Put a folded dry towel on top of the cleaned surface and put a heavy object on top for several hours. The water will act as a natural diluting agent and will absorb the diluted urine. Put a deodorant afterwards to ward off the urine smell although by this time, the urine odor is mostly gone, along with the urine.

Scrape the solid feces with a scraper. When everything solid is scooped out, dampen the stained surface with water using a towel. Use a mild cleaner solution and apply over the stained area. With deep stains, do the process repeatedly until all the traces of the feces is gone. Leave to dry. When the area is clean, apply an odomiser to remove the lingering odor.

Cats and dogs’ natural oils transfer their loose furs to wherever they were laying. Use a washable fabric or pet cushioning on your pet’s bed or wherever they like to lay down. Washing your pet bed with regularity helps. Frequently clean the areas where your pets spend most of their times. Regular cleaning of the areas where your pet frequents will minimise the odors arising from the pet’s natural skin oil and thus the loose furs are checked in place.


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