Prepping Your Dog for Pet Boarding

Prepping Your Dog for Pet Boarding

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You've been looking forward to that much-deserved vacation but there's one thing that's really making you anxious – your dog. Much as you'd like your furry little pal to tag along for your vacay, it's simply not possible. Perhaps your dog's breed is included in your destination country's list of banned breeds or maybe the cost of bringing him along is too prohibitive. You've tried searching for volunteers willing to take care of Fido temporarily, but there seem to be no takers. What can you do?

Here, your best option would be pet boarding. If you've found a reputable pet boarding facility, do note that your job isn't yet finished. You have to make sure that you make the necessary precautions to buffer the blow of leaving your dog behind, albeit momentarily. Here are some important things to remember.

Update his vaccines.

Your dog should have his vaccinations updated between a week and 10 days prior to boarding. Sometimes, dogs exhibit signs of diseases like Bordetella or coughs. Updating his shots will assure the staff that your pet isn't sick but is suffering from the effects of the vaccine. This will also prevent your pet from unnecessarily contracting diseases while in the pet boarding facility.

Know the requirements.

The requirements of boarding facilities will differ from one another and, calling your chosen facility will allow you to know exactly what to bring. Enquire whether your dog can eat his usual food and if he can be given his favourite treats. Should your dog suffer from a health issue while in the facility, ask whether they have a vet onboard or if they have good relations with a local vet.

Consult your vet.

Some facilities don't require their boarders to undergo vet checkups. However, it's still a good idea to bring your canine for a checkup, at least a month before his stay at the facility. This is particularly important if your pet is suffering from a particular condition or is elderly.

Stock up on his medicines.

If your dog has been prescribed medicines by his vet, make sure that you leave behind an ample supply. Also, be sure to tell the boarding staff about the medication your dog is taking so that they'll know the correct dosage.

Inform the boarding facility staff.

The boarding facility staff can take better care of your beloved pet if they know exactly what his special needs are, if there are any. If your dog has any health or behaviour issues, make sure to inform the staff well ahead of time.

Leave your contact information.

Even when you're on vacation, your pet will still probably be in your thoughts. As such, it's prudent to leave your contact information behind. If an emergency arises, it would also be beneficial for the staff to contact a relative or friend who can relay information to you. You may also want to leave your pet's vet's contact information so the staff can clarify a few matters including the dosage of the medication given to your pet.

Contact or visit a pet boarding facility near you.


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