Post-surgery: What to do?

Post-surgery: What to do?

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We don’t get immediate result right after a cosmetic surgery procedure. You need to undergo the recovery phase, which is the time for the skin to heal and adjust with the new condition. It’s essential to take special care of your skin for the first few days or weeks after the surgery.

The aftercare prescription will vary depending on the cosmetic procedure you chose to have. Always discuss your after-surgery treatment with your doctor or aesthetician in order to minimize any side-effects or potential risks which may happen.

Your doctor will typically advise you to take care of your skin using mild and hypoallergenic products. Leave your pre-surgery skincare products for a while or until your skin has gradually adjusted to the formulation. If you rush back to your normal routine, it might irritate, or even injure your healing skin. Also, consult to your doctor first when you need to ingest any topical medicines or take medicine that are not included in your post-surgery prescription.

Here are what you can do besides following your doctor’s prescription :

  • Use mild and hypoallergenic products to take care your skin after the surgery. This will help you prevent discoloration which may appear if you don’t treat your skin with the right products.

  • Sun protection is a big deal. Try to avoid direct sunlight. Wear extra protection whenever you go out (wide hat, sunglasses, extra layer clothes, etc.). Choose your sunblock carefully; opt for products with UV A and UV B protection and high SPF (around 30 to 40 is recommended).

  • Picking peeling skin is tempting, but it will increase the risk of infection and might create scars in your skin. Let your wounds heal naturally. It may take some time but the result will be more satisfying.

  • Never underestimate the importance of skin hydration. Drinking 6 to 7 glasses of water a day helps rejuvenate your skin from the inside out and flush out toxins from your system.


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