Portable or Window Air Conditioner: Which is Better?

Portable or Window Air Conditioner: Which is Better?

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Have you found an apartment without air conditioning? Have you worked in a shed without air conditioning for almost a day and it gets hot and steamy in the summer? Having window air conditioners or portable units are the two options to stay cool. There’s no doubt that a portable air conditioner will cost less than a similar-sized window unit, but what’s worth having between the two?

How do these air conditioners work?
The major difference between a window air conditioner and a portable unit is that the portable unit is completely located inside the room. However, there are some similarities between the two. They both rely on a compressor and a coolant. Although an air conditioner pulls out moisture from the area it’s cooling, that means a portable unit needs to have a drip pan or a hose line to dispose of the moisture collected.

What makes portable air conditioners better than window air conditioners?
Portable air conditioners are more convenient than window air conditioners. A portable air conditioner comes with wheels, which makes it easier for you to move it within a location you want or from one room to another. On the other hand, a window air conditioner can just be moved to one exact location where it’s needed. There’s practically no installation involved, something that can definitely be an issue with window air conditioners. Another great benefit of having a portable unit is the simplicity of this kind of air conditioning. Also, if you live in an apartment, having a portable unit can be easier because there can be some rules regarding having window air conditioner units. Imagine taking a portable air conditioner out of the box from the store and simply plugging it in.

What makes window air conditioners better than portable air conditioners?
A window air conditioning unit isn’t usually noisy because the part of the unit that makes all the noise is on the other side of the window. Meanwhile, noise is one of the big disadvantages of a portable unit, considering all its parts are inside your room and normally the unit is very close to the person being cooled. Portable air conditioner units can cool your room as how much cool you want but there are some reports that portable units’ cooling capacity can’t come close to matching the cooling capacity of window air conditioner units.

Whatever your choice is, consider consulting the air conditioning experts in Australia for the installation of your unit.


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