Plumbing Emergency Tips

Plumbing Emergency Tips

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After a long, busy day at work, the last thing that you'd want to confront you upon coming home is a plumbing emergency. But plumbing emergencies can and do happen when you least expect them. If you have some DIY experience and skills as well as the available tools and materials, you can employ the necessary remedies. But what if you need to call in the pros for help?

The crucial thing to remember about plumbing emergencies is to think and act fast. Before the professional plumbers arrive, you can do a number of things, depending on the particular problem, to prevent things from spiralling out of control and worsening the damage. Think of the following tips as some sort of first aid treatment for plumbing emergencies that will help you contain the issue at hand.

Emergency Plumbers

Close the shut off valves
Quite a number of plumbing emergencies need to be remedied by shutting off the flow of water. In most cases, you will need to shut off either the main valve or the shutoffs for individual fixtures.

After turning off the main valve, you need to turn on the outside spigots. This will ensure that the water will flow outside of your home and prevent further problems.

Close the water heater
If there is a problem with your gas heater, you need to turn off the gas and even the heater itself before shutting off the main valve. It is crucial to remember that you need to turn off the heater to prevent the buildup of both pressure and hot water, which can lead to more problems.

Containing small leaks
For water leaking out of loose joints and other small leaks, you can use epoxy or Teflon tape. If either of the two is unavailable, you can use towels or rags to contain small leaks.

If the pipes continue leaking after the main valve has been shut off, you can use a large bucket which should be placed under the leak. This can prevent water damage.

For leaking appliances, the first thing that you need to do is to check for clogs in the traps or drains. If you do find a clog, clear it.

Dealing with clogged drains
If the water is draining slowly, you can use drain cleaning agents. However, if the water is not draining at all, avoid using these chemicals. Instead of these, you need to clear the drain using a plunger. Only after this works can you use these chemicals. If this fails, wait for the plumber to arrive.

Remain calm, act fast
In whatever type of plumbing emergency, keep yourself calm and avoid panicking. Use these tips to contain the problem at hand.

When plumbing emergency arises, do not hesitate to call a Top4 affiliated plumber today!


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