Picture Perfect Makeup: 9 Steps to Look Flawless

Picture Perfect Makeup: 9 Steps to Look Flawless

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Why do some people look perfect in every photo, while some simply don’t look photogenic at all? Sometimes, it’s all about the makeup. Look flawless on and off the camera. Here are some tips on how to achieve a picture-perfect look.

Invest in makeup tools.
Invest in foundation brush, concealer brush and fluffy powder brush, as they tend to ease the application procedure if used in the right manner. You can use other options such as sponge and puff. You may also try applying the product using just your fingers. But brushes give better results and are more hygienic. Make sure to keep your brushes clean at all times.

Prepare your skin.
Gently cleanse your skin using a scrub to exfoliate dry skin, then follow up with a moisturiser that suits your skin type. Let the moisturiser sink in for a few minutes before applying makeup.

Apply primer.
Ideally, skin primer should be applied right after the moisturiser and before the foundation. It helps in making the base (your skin) smooth by making the pores more “even” and controlling sweat.

Apply a natural base.
To make sure your foundation matches your skin tone, spread it down your neck and over your décolletage so that your skin colour looks as even and as natural as possible. The best foundation application involves lots of blending. Ensure that areas such as your hairline, around your ears and your jaw line are well covered and no harsh lines are showing. To get perfectly even skin quick, use a foundation stick.

Hide dark circles with concealer.
Apply concealer on shadow-prone areas like undereye circles and blemishes. Try a creamy formula in a shade that matches your skin tone. Apply little stripes with a pointed concealer brush, blend using your ring finger for the lightest touch, and don't tug on delicate undereye areas. To cover up fine lines, use the point of your brush.

Add some blush.
Keep the colour natural by sticking to pink or peach tones, and ensure there are no harsh lines. If no blush is applied, you may look washed out in your photos. Instead of shading and sculpting cheekbones with a brush and powder, try a cream blush for a glow-from-within effect.

Enhance your eyes.
Don’t overload your eyes with mascara and eyeliner. Choose an eyeshadow that will give you a natural look, or opt for a darker look that suits your complexion and eye colour. Earth tones are also good. Smokey eyes can look stunning when applied lightly.

Get lovely lips.
If your lips are dry or chapped, gently buff with a damp washcloth and apply lip balm. If you want to keep your lips neutral, choose a light pink or nude shade. Use a lip liner and paint your lipstick with a lip brush to get even, flawless coverage. Run a piece of ice over your lips before adding a layer of lip gloss to help it last all day.

Make makeup last.
To reduce the need for frequent touch-ups, apply a light dusting of translucent powder, especially on oil-prone areas.

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