Pet Consultation

Pet Consultation

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Pets bring a lot of love and joy to the home but occasionally problems, too. But don’t worry, expert help is at hand.

I have bad allergies. What pet would you recommend for someone like me?

First, I recommend that you find out what animals you are actually allergic to – consider having an allergy test with a doctor. Generally, animals that shed less hair are usually less allergenic. Dogs like poodles, westies and Bichon Frisé have fluffy coats that barely shed. Most cats shed hair, so you could consider a short-haired cat like a Devon Rex, Cornish Rex or Sphynx.

How regularly do I need to vaccinate my dogs and cats?

Puppies and kittens will need 2-3 rounds of vaccines, depending on the vaccine type, 4 weeks apart starting at 6-8 weeks of age. This is because they need to build up immunity after their maternal antibody levels have worn off. They will then require a booster at around 12 months of age, and then every 1-3 years for life depending on the vaccine type. If your pet is having vaccines every 3 years, it’s still important to take them for an annual health check so that your vet can detect health problems early, which can often make treatment more effective..

My dog is driving me crazy by constantly licking her paws. What could be the cause of this?

It sounds like your dog has allergies. Licking and biting the feet is a sign of itchiness, often related to an allergic skin disease called atopic dermatitis, which is similar to eczema in people. It’s really important to take her to your vet to find out what may be causing this, so that you can try eliminating the source. Your vet may refer you to a veterinary dermatologist who can perform skin testing to determine the exact allergens, and make a vaccine to help control the allergies long term. Your vet will also prescribe medication to stop the itching in the short term, which will make you both feel better.


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