Office Wear Tips for Smart, Stylish Professionals

Office Wear Tips for Smart, Stylish Professionals

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Whether you are aware of it or not, the way you dress up reflects your professionalism. You are presenting yourself through the office attire you wear. Before you even speak, your boss and colleagues can already form their initial judgement about you based alone on what you are wearing. Your office attire can leave a lasting impression about you.

Wondering what to wear in your office? Here are some simple yet useful tips that you can consider.

Wear clothes that fit well.
Avoid wearing clothes that are too big or too small for you. Ill-fitting office attire will make you look unprofessional.

You may play with colours.
Neutrals are the safest colours, but you can explore other options. Image and style consultant Colette Werden suggests wearing an office attire with contrasting colours like black and white, navy and cream, or red and tan. Meanwhile, style consultant and psychologist Lisa Zimmermann recommends that a colour that is currently in style or a blouse with a graphic pattern that is currently “in” can be worn underneath a suit. You should avoid neon colours and overly flashy clothes, as they are visually loud and can be distracting.

Don’t show too much skin.
Showing too much skin may send a wrong message. Skirts and dresses should just be above or below the knee, while neckline should be above the breasts or higher. Blazer or cardigan can be worn over sexy sleeveless tops. When wearing skirts, you can also wear stockings.

Never over-accessorise.
Follow the “less is more" rule in choosing accessories. Jewellery should complement your office attire, not overpower it. Avoid wearing statement necklaces, dangling earrings and layered bracelets. Wrist watch and an elegant, fine necklace are sufficient.

Pay attention to your shoes.
Make sure your shoes are polished and in good condition before wearing them. If you will wear open-toed shoes, make sure your toes are clean, and preferably polished with neutral or pastel colours.

The best way to dress up is to understand and adhere to what is appropriate in your industry. Most, if not all companies, have a dress code. You can show your professionalism by following company policies and recommendations. If you want to add style to your attire, make sure that it will not break any office attire rules.

Always remember that you should wear something that you feel comfortable with and at the same time adds up to your confidence. 

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